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4,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Très belle entreprise, axée sur le bien être des employés. Communication ouverte, activités pour les employés, flexibilité au niveau de l'horaire, belle conciliation travail famille

Points positifs

Rythme de travail normal, belles conditions de travail dans l'entrepôt, belle atmosphère de travail
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22 février 2022
Merci de nous avoir écrit un avis ! Nous sommes ravis de lire vos commentaires positifs. Nous avons hâte de vous voir grandir #insideindeed !


Je suis expérimenté en poste management et sérieux et rapide sociable et travail en équipe et dynamique

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Points négatifs

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Nice place to work

Good people to work with, interesting tasks. Sometimes company plans are changing so you have to change your plans/tasks also. But that's not bothering part. Stable job.
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Excellent free lunches

I must say this place has been good making you feel secure and happy in first month of been there. They don't have a proper training program please don't make a mistake because they hold it against you. No mentorship, and lack appreciations from your mangers. Well if your there for Christmas season yes you work butt off . Worker will makes comments about it and when you complain they don't do anything about it. There not really inclusive as they say are. Any way if you work there i guess if perfectionist please don't a mistake.

Points positifs

Free lunches and lots Christmas festivities

Points négatifs

Lack of appreciation and proper training
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Challenging and Rewarding

Great colleagues, smart and innovative. Constant change, not for the feint of heart. Compensation very good - provided you meet your quarterly targets (which at times were very aggressive). Benefits good, overall decent culture.
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  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses

Ok place

It's ok place to be, lots has changed. Not all for good. There is no room for growth anymore. If you are good with upper management you will be fine.
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Productive workplace

The supportive environment, collaborative teams, and opportunities for growth made my time there valuable. However, occasional communication challenges and workload fluctuations were areas for improvement. Overall, it's a great place to learn and grow professionally.
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excellent company culture what a great place to work. pay is good and atmosphere is flexible and accomodating to it's employees i would give 5 tarts to them
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Great employer and amazing team in Montreal

I've been working at Indeed for 4+ years with the Montreal sales team. The main things that have kept me at Indeed all of this time: - Stellar management team in Montreal (managers and senior management)- Customer centric company. We sell products and solutions that work. - Very good compensation structure- Flexible work environment and generous PTO policy- Colleagues are for the most part amazing and collaborative

Points négatifs

recent round of layoffs were tough as we lost alot of great people
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Great atmosphere

Great company to work for. Great leadership, great compensation and amazing colleagues. The sales role at Indeed is definitely one I recommend to all who qualify. Great work life balance as well.
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Fun work place

Indeed is truly an awesome place to work! There are plenty of amazing staff and the management couldn’t be more perfect! I would advise anyone to work here :)
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Toronto Enviroment Could Be Better

Senior Leadership was quit biased in many manners. Decisions were not inclusive.Many people left or were forced out of the organization as it has been described as toxic. Managers try their best to help and be there for teams but but upper leadership was not supportive, created toxic enviroment for leaders. Change is needed. I still hear feedback from people currently employed (reps and leaders) who are still frustrated.

Points positifs

Company Brand

Points négatifs

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Terrible place to work

RUN ! One of the worst places i work in a long time. Really bad management, micromanaging, poor training, no support, constant drama in between employees. Manager is never there and not even take take the time to say Hi to the employees……. I could go on and on! Don’t make that mistake!! If you like to be blamed for everything and been treated badly and been under paid that is definitely the place for you!

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Good and nice work

Nice job in my opinion it is nice easy and not to hard on the stress levels. Not asking if much and isn’t physically demanding. Management is good too. Its supportive work culture is not that toxic. I enjoy having a good schedule
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Great company

Best perks ever that are quite unmatched anywhere else. Amazing parental leave, unlimited PTO. Loved this company until they laid off people and in the way they did it.
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Fun Workplace & Lots of opportunity to grow!

Joined at a difficult time, but still managed to network with some incredible people, great environment, and excellent work life balance, with open PTO.
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Indeed takes care of their employees

Great pay, great benefits especially for women when they take mat leave, black and white opportunity for advancement (do your job and do it well and they will promote you!) I love working for Indeed.
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Awesome place to work

Indeed has set the bar as an employer for me. Management, colleagues and company culture sets you up for success. Good on work lofe balance and the benefits are decent as well.
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company is very obstructive and possessive about sharing information. Everything is a secret and management shares as little as possible, making you a cog in the machine.
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Environnement de travail productive

Indeed est une Entreprise fiable qui prend soin de cest employé. Travailler chez INDEED Entreprise cest travailler avec la performance, chez INDEED Entreprise tout est fait pour bien vous servire a l'heure et a temps

Points positifs

Repas gratuit

Points négatifs

Courtes pauses
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Exceptional leadership

My experience at Indeed was nothing but positive. Although my targets were met, it was a question of too little too late. Still, the management is competent and accommodating.
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