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Angry manager
Réponse du 31 juillet 2019
Does INABUGGY pay gas
Posée le 22 février 2020
Nope you wish
Réponse du 22 février 2020
There are no benefits.
Réponse du 31 juillet 2019
Yes they allow to work as per our time
Réponse du 21 juin 2019
Run your company like a company, not a sweat labour shop
Réponse du 17 novembre 2020
It’s based on orders completed... some orders can take a couple of hours to complete as there is no max on how many items a customer can order so combine an order of 60 unique items along with lineups and attempting to social distance in a store it can take more than an hour and if you get many orders like that without some really small ones in a day you will earn less than minimum wage an hour... that being said at the end of the year, because you are a contract employee, you can write off items that you can’t if you were an employee at a typical company...
Réponse du 10 avril 2020
You can be available all day but you may not receive orders all day, on average you get five orders a day, which translates to five hours of work.
Réponse du 31 juillet 2019
No the work is done by your own car, your own phone
Réponse du 21 juin 2019
No benefits
Réponse du 24 septembre 2018
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