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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez IKEA?

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Comfortable and no tricky question. Most of the questions would be situational questions to see how to you solve the problem. just be you and honest. Also, make sure you know their values and give have some thoughts on those.

It was great, from the reception to the interviewer. Once you get your interview, you are pretty much hired. Just make sure you are being honest about what your schedule and what you are confident with. Good luck!

Relaxed and comfortable.

Interviewers will want to know how the candidate's values line up with Ikea's with respect to things like sustainability, cost-consciousness, leadership by example, etc.

Group interview then one on two managers then hire on the spot

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I had 3 interviews in total. One was phone, another one was in a group setting, and last one was with the actual department manager. I remember briefly I got hired within 2 weeks. I'm not sure how the process now because that was 10 years ago. Things might've changed over the years for external hiring.

Very well rounded, my Team-Leader Serji did a great job, he was clear, and all around enjoyable to speak too. He was mature, and everything he asked was to the point, and was open to questions.

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