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3.0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good company, in flux- be prepared for challenges.

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This company is in a state of change- the new rules imposed by the federal government have proven to be challenging, but not insurmountable. The culture here is very inclusive, and management is very approachable. I have never had a door closed for me, and I know of no one else here who has, either. The dispatchers work with you, and your family, in order to keep you on the road when you want, and time at home when you want. The best part of the job is the dispatch team- yes, a trucker who likes his dispatch! I can say after over 10 years of dealing with not-so-amiable dispatchers, dealing with iHaul's dispatch is a real pleasure. The hardest part of the job is actually the equipment- the trucks (however, that is changing for the better). iHaul's current fleet has it's idiosyncracies (breakdowns, leaking cabins, etc)- but brand new trucks are showing up on the lot all the time. They lease the trucks, and send them back for replacement when they hit a certain mileage- keeping the fleet fresh, new and (hopefully) breakdown free.

Points positifs

Newer equipment and great management

Points négatifs

Sometimes confusing dispatches, or changed dispatches with little or no notice
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Stay away from this company

I was hired to do long haul across Canada, the driver recruiter lied about the job details and pay. Dispatch was hard to communicate with and hard to get on the phone. They change your loads with little to no notice and expect you to do whatever they ask. I had to watch every pay check, usually there was missing pay, layovers, and load/unload stop pays. If you try to talk to payroll they don't answer their phone or email. They don't have a breakdown pay and don't pay you layovers if you breakdown, they offer to pay a hotel OR a small food allowance, not both. The company is more concerned about money than their drivers and the owners only care about money. Overall my experience with this "company" was terrible. I don't recommend anyone to work here, stay away and don't be fooled there's way better places to work.

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Low pay, No pay, Missing pay, Liars
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Stressfull with minimal support from dispatch

Worked here for a couple of months and in that time I had 2, maybe 3 days off at home. I was hired to do a Calgary to BC run, but ended up getting sent to Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Edmonton more often than not. Sat many days away from home waiting for loads. This was my first experience with "long haul", so maybe that is normal.. The tractors were decent. The one I was assigned was fairly dirty inside when I got it and it took me a few days to get it cleaned up. They have cameras that point at the road and into the cab, which is fine for the most part. It does add a bit of stress knowing they are watching your every move. Over all my experience with this company was very disappointing and I would not recommend working here. I make more money driving the same hours locally and I get to be home every night, so even the money didn't make the stress worth it.

Points négatifs

No days off at home, didn't get to drive route I was hired for, pay is better working locally.
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Good management

Good mileage, and a lot of good staff. It’s a good experience to work here although it’s Hard for me to out of my family for a week, but it’s worth it because of the good salary rate.

Points positifs

High mileage

Points négatifs

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IHaul is A great place to work

Loved working at IHaul It was the best job I have ever had. Nerver had a problem with anything there. Dispatch was great and easy to work with, had a lot of knowledge
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So much confusion

Sometimes you're asked to pick up empty trailers from several locations before you travel across the border and then get rushed into meeting the time sensitive appointments at the US inspection. By the time everything is done, you will be left with 3 to 4 hrs

Points positifs

Company gps

Points négatifs

Low pay, trip allocation confusion
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friendly and helpfull for every one

# very friendly and helpful environment # management very well organised # if any one wants to work as long haul driver i recommend ihaul freight ltd
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One of the most solid transport companies out there

After being at a couple of transportation companies, I can definitely say that this is the best one I have worked at by far. The ownership/management treats you like family and is fair with everyone across the board. People work hard here to ensure the company is successful and they are growing at almost 25-30% per year. There is a strong team environment where everyone tries to help each other even if it is outside of their job duties. There's not a lot of "culture" per se but I can see that management is making a lot of solid changes as they continue to grow from a small to mid size company. I love everyone that I work with as they are so approachable.

Points positifs

Flexible Work Schedule

Points négatifs

Extended Benefits Plan Could Be Better
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