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En ajustement vu les changements dans l’industrie-difficile pour un nouveau conseiller sans ´book.

Points positifs

Formation et ressources, plus d’outils

Points négatifs

Difficile de developper de zéro avec les nouvelles structures de rémunération
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Productive workplace

One has to build their own portfolio to succeed, again commission based may not be attractive for everyone, especially when trying to raise a family and you are the sole breadwinner.
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Fast Paced Atmosphere with Room to Grow

Working within the financial industry requires attention to detail, the ability to work in a fast paced atmosphere and excellent customer service and computer skills.
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Focused on sell, sell, sell

Financial planning is not as important as selling initially. You need to gather enough book of business before you can do meaningful financial planning for clients, vicious negative cycle. The financial industry now is different than when i was first hired. Now, it's more aggressive, target sales oriented and that should be transparent from the interviews
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Horrible company to work for.

IG ( Investors Group ) care only about trying to bring in potentially new clients money and/or funds not about their consultants/associates or even sometimes what’s best for their clients.
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Older candidates have no chance.

They charge consultants way too much overhead. Very difficult for new consultants to get ahead. Older candidates have zero chance of being successful. Too late getting in the game.
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Culture changed over the last 5 years

Initial experience at IG Wealth Management was very positive, and the first couple of years would have had much higher ratings. However the new CEO has brought change which has increased stress, reduced job security and has not improved the overall workplace atmosphere. As a place to learn, the experience was interesting and excellent, but that was mostly the people and those people are now all gone. To be fair, each department has its own microculture and others may be doing better. Base your estimations on the personality of your supervisor in the interview. Negotiate strongly for a high starting salary as increases after start are nearly impossible to acquire.
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Substantial rewards for those who work hard in their first ten years

A typical work week in your first ten years, in order to achieve success, is going to require you to work 50 to 60 hours. Although, in the early years there are minimum earnings guarantees, they come attached to production expectations. You are building your own clientele. If you succeed there are income potentials that are beyond most expectations. You will learn a lot. There are more people trained here working in the finance industry, than from any other financial services company. The training is top drawer.
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Be a consultant and build your own practice or join corporate administrative side as an employee of the company.

Focused on client acquisition and retention. Consultants receive ongoing education and support. Onsite specialists and admin help facilitate development of own business. If joining the corporate administrative side - some room for growth and/or movement. Over past few years, consistent changes in model, structure and resource requirements/usage have occurred.
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Work hard

Beware of local politics. Know that you can’t be everyone’s friend and work hard at utilizing the connections you can make. Very good pay, benefits and training done at a national level. Work hard and you will do well
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Never IG

Routinely over promise and under deliver on their promises. Bonus structure is mostly unattainable High fees, poor performance makes it feel like we are burdening our clients
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good work\life balance

good work\life balance good financial planning focus good client relationship buildiing experience self-fulfilling to engage with satisfied clients
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If you are a people person, this could be the perfect job for you!

If you are really likeable!!! This appears to be the most important part of the job. Additionally, you have to be very computer savvy, investment smart and mathematically astute. There is great support by the company. It helps a lot if you know a lot of really rich people who will give you their money!
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Productive and fun work place with lots of celebrations

Each day is different at IG. Some days are stressful and some real easy going. Few months Jan-Mar are really busy being RRSP season. Staff is really friendly and supportive. Lots of paper work,Follow ups and deadlines. many potlucks and other celebrations keeps it live and enjoyable. All over a good place to work at. only the salary part is not so great. Low increments make you disappointed. .
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Improper procedures and rotating rolls with limited training

overall my experience at IG Wealth Management was not positive. I worked as an assistant for 3 consultants at various times. At the end of my experience I felt disposable as each of them would find an unjustifiable reason to terminate as my 3 months approached. Each time I had to quote the employment standards act to receive proper procedures. All things considering, you are working for the individual consultant so it really depends on that person. The company as a whole does not regulate you as an assistant. Additionally, there is no proper training program for unlicensed assistants. They get you to refer to a data base and there are some minor courses required, however often finding the time to do them was a challenge. High expectations in a fast paced demanding environment, I’d suggest training and certifications before entering a roll as an assistant.
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Good company

Great atmosphere. Spent one year at this company and learned a lot during my time there. Gained experience working in the financial investment sector.
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Challenging yet collaborative environment

Culture is very collaborative and management is approachable. The hardest part of the job is managing change, training employees, juggling competing priorities and influencing positive habits in others.
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Enjoyed the people/relationships, but tough to make a living

Very laid back environment, learned a lot about the different financial services available. Tough to stay disciplined and motivated, and the money is not where it should be.
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Fast changing and competitive environment

The last few years company has changed a lot aligned with the requirement of the industry . The consultants are require to constantly build their own practice, market and process sales
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Ok place to work if you know people with money.

Servicing clients, training. Hardest part of the job is obtaining new clients and bringing people in the door. The office is not really set up to facilitate this easily.
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Interesting workplace with friendly people

It's overall a good workplace but I work as an associate which means I earn most of my money by bonus (which means you have to look for your own customers to ask them give you their money to manage).
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