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En ajustement vu les changements dans l’industrie-difficile pour un nouveau conseiller sans ´book.

Points positifs

Formation et ressources, plus d’outils

Points négatifs

Difficile de developper de zéro avec les nouvelles structures de rémunération
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Was a fun experience and family like environment until COVID

sometimes you are just a number. don’t feel like they care enough about the regular workers all about the financial planners not the ones doing the day to day tasks.
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Productive and fun place to work.

What is the best part of working at the company?Great people. Very friendly and helpful staffWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Busy seasons like RRSP and RESP time
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Not for those looking for stability

Your success is heavily reliant on prospecting and if you can’t pull in business you don’t get paid. Best suited for people who are very target drive and don’t mind not having predictability of income.
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Challenging Experience

You are well compensated if you bring in a lot of assets, however there are a lot of expenses. You will need to be excellent at networking and prospecting.
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Points forts
  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
Points à améliorer
  • Soutien du responsable
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues
  • Sentiment d'appartenance

Great people and culture

Work life balance, great people and team, collaborative environment. Good benefits, pay not so competitive because of location. Enjoyed my experience and good for learning
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Run your own business. Block out the noise

You do not want this to be your first job in the financial industry. For someone who has a book of 20 million AUM that you can transfer over with you to IG they will pay well to do it. The company did a great job teaching me advanced financial planning concepts but their prospecting strategy was to spend more money on client events. Not something that is easy to do when you’re starting with nothing. Your experience here will depend on your district and regional managers but overall I don’t regret my experience. I think it was something I joined too early in my career. The experience has made me a better financial planner and helped me achieve more in the industry.

Points positifs

Very flexible schedule, Financial Planning expertise, Potential to earn a very good living

Points négatifs

Always Be Closing or starve, Conflict of interests make it difficult to know who is actually trying to help you
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Toxic environment

The hours as an administrative assistant are typically Monday to Friday 8:30-4:30. The only way to advance in this company is if you obtain your license to sell mutual funds and insurance. It is a "good old boys club" and many consultants get away with a lot of bad behavior because they are big earners for the company, so don't even bother making a complaint. I very much enjoyed my work but the culture is big boys making big money and flaunting it daily. Their business model borders on pyramid scheme.
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Collaboration and nice leadership

Collaborative atmosphere. High volume of work. At times, stressful and a little overwhelming. Leadership is good at communicating objectives and guidance.
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Good working environment but not good pay

The company overall was a nice place to work because they have good benefits. There were too much work because they are 'unable' to hire more employee therefore the responsibilities were designated to the current employees which doesn't worth the pay.
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Well structured and friendly culture

If you are working in head office, you would enjoy working for this company. Most employees are very nice and they cherish the diverse of the people.

Points positifs

Good benefit, employee recognition, no overtime

Points négatifs

low volume work for back office role
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Ethics issues

Overall management are not trained in people skills. They just ensure you hit the numbers they want. People that are terminated allows the manager to scoop clients that they want and pass the rest to other consultants.

Points positifs

manage your own time

Points négatifs

nepotism, favoritism, unethical management
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Very friendly atmosphere

Found it to be very professional and very friendly office culture. Respectful. The job was very interactive with other staff. You are not overtaxed and hours are regular every day the same, no weekends expected. I really enjoyed working for them.
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Stay away

A management heavy model that pays 1/2 the industry average. A very small investment and insurance offering when the industry is moving the opposite.
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Ne recommande pas

Environnement de travail stressant et chaotique , aucun intérêt pour le développement professionnel et l’épanouissement des nouveaux employés. De plus, environnement de travail malsain

Points positifs

Payant pour les conseillers déjà établis venant d’ailleurs

Points négatifs

Tout le reste
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Great place to work if you don't need an income.

Negative paycheques.Good trainingExpensive costs just to go to work.Pay is below average.One is more of an employee than an independent contractor. It is not a good contract
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Heavy workload

Employees at every job grade have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Taking vacation is stressful because your work has to wait until you get back as there isn’t enough staff to cross train and handle things in someone’s absence.

Points positifs

Good corporate community programs and investment

Points négatifs

Heavy workloads, mediocre pay
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For me it was a good career but felt abandoned and disappointed disappointed in the end.

In the beginning it was a very fun filled career with a culture of caring for each other and our clients. As the company grew the culture of caring slipped and is at a very low level today.The environment now is one that is more of a survival philosophy.
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An easy way to lose money

They say they’ll give you clients when recruiting you - but when you start, they pester you to recruit all your friends and family as clients . . . you’re on your own.The only way to succeed is to try and stick with it for five years - then buy someone else’s clients.

Points positifs

Free training

Points négatifs

You spend more money than you earn
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nice boss and co worker

nice boss and co worker, good training programm, but all commission based , so it is hard for yong people to start with . becasue you don't have any saving to support yourself.

Points positifs

good traning program

Points négatifs

no salary
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Nice people

You can learn about many areas of financial planning. The most enjoyable time is to serve the client and see they are achieving their financial goals.

Points positifs

Make your own schedule

Points négatifs

No advance unless consultant
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