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Financial Advisor42 avis
Canada42 avis

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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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For me it was a good career but felt abandoned and disappointed disappointed in the end.

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In the beginning it was a very fun filled career with a culture of caring for each other and our clients. As the company grew the culture of caring slipped and is at a very low level today.The environment now is one that is more of a survival philosophy.
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1 year to bring in big money or you are gone

Training was good to start. You learn your presentation and are given as much knowledge as you can handle. Once the training is over you are expected to bring in high value immediately
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Supportive friendly work environment

Comprehensive training and support, fun, competitive work environment with excellent corporate support. Very community minded organization, overall a great work experience.
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Need years to build a real book of business

Company will dazzle you with products, company size and specialist services. Lots of great training and ability to learn the industry, however the deductions off an already paltry commission totally have you barely making ends for all your work .
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Focused on sell, sell, sell

Financial planning is not as important as selling initially. You need to gather enough book of business before you can do meaningful financial planning for clients, vicious negative cycle. The financial industry now is different than when i was first hired. Now, it's more aggressive, target sales oriented and that should be transparent from the interviews
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Company culture and management

This has been for several decades the premier financial planning company in Canada. Training and development has always been the strength of IG. Opportunities exist for anyone who has initiative and work ethic. It is unlike any other financial company in Canada.
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If you are looking for a good work/life balance, this is the place.

If you have a clientele, or you are ambitious enough to build a clientele with activities such as cold calling, door knocking, etc. this is somewhere that you can potentially succeed.
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Amazing Job

I was fortunate to have a really great leader who was supportive and a great team as well. Good training and support and the ability to build relationships and grow your business

Points positifs

Great training, support and opportinity to grow your income. Long lasting relationships and great work life balance

Points négatifs

Could be long hours but it is manageable
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Good learning experience

Overall, I learned a lot along with the consultant. The Canadian financial market, the cliental relationship, and financial products are all so intriguing.
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Great training, self employed opportunities

Requires 5-10 years business ramp up. Unlimited salary potential, requires self discipline and constant continuing education. Unlike regualr financial institution, enables all clients to benefit from a full financial planning services. Corporate IT software are powerfull, and client solutions array to cather to any type of situation.
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Great Company

Great Training program - well structured. Pay for all your exams and training. 100% Commission pay - lots of fees to pay. Sales target and office expenses are high.

Points positifs

Great Office

Points négatifs

Commission based
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Changing their company focus

IG has begun to target the HNW clientele market, make sure you have a warm market of potential HNW clients before you sign on. Lots of upward earning potential, but the key word is potential.
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Good Experience

Usually, I categorized the files for the manager and paid attentions to the details to the paperwork in office. Besides office work, you have to take initiates to expand business, finding out people's investment needs or financial planning needs and making them your client. Work is flexible, but if you can't help your manager generate money in, you would be in trouble.
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3 Years Working As A Consultant For IG

Long Hours and Low pay unless you're a great financial advisor and can really sell. be prepared to work your guts out. The key to success is to hit the really high net worth clients. worked there for 3 years.

Points positifs

learn about sales

Points négatifs

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All that glitters is not gold

This is a position that requires a great deal of commitment and family support, particularly in the beginning ; you have to build your business from the ground, up. If you can succeed at doing it, then you and your family, will enjoy a good life.

Points positifs

Set your own hours

Points négatifs

Time away from the family is considerable.
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Friendly and supportive environment.

A must have experience for active, smart and people oriented individuals. I had the opportunity to work in different aspects of business like marketing, sales, customer service, etc.
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Best Financial Planning company

Wider service offer allows complete management of the client's financial planning. The tools are sophisticated and generate clear and concise views of the future and help in assessing events in our client's life
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Friendly and dynamic workplace

A must have Experience in an entrepreneurial knowledge oriented industry. One becomes capable of managing all aspects of a big business from the service, to marketing and sales.
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Excellent company

This company offers competitive careers. It also provides ongoing education in the insurance and investment fields. Relaxed and comfortable place to work. Flexible schedules.
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Good place to work

Great place to work for individuals that are self driven and able to connect and influence people. Expect long work hours and late nights. You must be comfortable with sales.
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Good experience while working here

Great training in financial service industry, good for people who is good at cold calling and prospecting. They offer a good first year new people bonus program but not sure they still have it for now.

Points positifs

good training and good bonus program for new people

Points négatifs

no based salary
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Financial Advisor chez IG Wealth Management

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89 161 $ par an

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