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Executive Assistant19 avis
Canada19 avis

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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Productive and fun place to work.

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What is the best part of working at the company?Great people. Very friendly and helpful staffWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Busy seasons like RRSP and RESP time
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Was a fun experience and family like environment until COVID

sometimes you are just a number. don’t feel like they care enough about the regular workers all about the financial planners not the ones doing the day to day tasks.
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Not for those looking for stability

Your success is heavily reliant on prospecting and if you can’t pull in business you don’t get paid. Best suited for people who are very target drive and don’t mind not having predictability of income.
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The work isn't overly difficult, but the advisors are

When you work under the IG Wealth Management umbrella, you can expect that the work isn't challenging, but technology issues, advisors with egos, and low pay with no benefits or expensive benefits, will make life miserable.Because you don't work for IG Wealth itself, but work for the advisor, if they don't run their practice properly, you don't have any backup or support from the Company.It's kind of ironic that you will help people save for retirement and set up insurance plans, while not getting paid enough to do that for yourself...

Points positifs

Great Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Points négatifs

You will be miserable when you can't pay your bills or afford health insurance
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Productive and fun work place with lots of celebrations

Each day is different at IG. Some days are stressful and some real easy going. Few months Jan-Mar are really busy being RRSP season. Staff is really friendly and supportive. Lots of paper work,Follow ups and deadlines. many potlucks and other celebrations keeps it live and enjoyable. All over a good place to work at. only the salary part is not so great. Low increments make you disappointed. .
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Points forts

  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu

Points à améliorer

  • Soutien du responsable
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues
  • Sentiment d'appartenance

Improper procedures and rotating rolls with limited training

overall my experience at IG Wealth Management was not positive. I worked as an assistant for 3 consultants at various times. At the end of my experience I felt disposable as each of them would find an unjustifiable reason to terminate as my 3 months approached. Each time I had to quote the employment standards act to receive proper procedures. All things considering, you are working for the individual consultant so it really depends on that person. The company as a whole does not regulate you as an assistant. Additionally, there is no proper training program for unlicensed assistants. They get you to refer to a data base and there are some minor courses required, however often finding the time to do them was a challenge. High expectations in a fast paced demanding environment, I’d suggest training and certifications before entering a roll as an assistant.
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Respectful, bustling, community-minded group of entrepreneurs

- surrounded by people who I'm proud to be associated with - admire the company's quest to improve the financial state of Canadian families by both growing wealth with investments and protecting it with insurances - the office environment is professional by which I mean productive, calm, respectful, and earnest

Points positifs

fun Client events and impactful presentations

Points négatifs

office can be quiet when Consultants are out at Client appointments, I prefer more people in the office
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Highly unorganized and torn company

The Calgary offices are a complete mess. Management bills their staff as much as possible for outrageous things. Lots of conflict and verbal fighting in the office, very tense work environment. Can't trust anyone in the company. The Division Directors are lazy, untrained and cant make up their minds on what they want their administrative staff to do. Be warned there is a lot of illegal practice that happens. The division directors will try to get their admin staff to carry out or assist. My boss would come to work high on pot everyday. Didn't follow through with benefits, raises. Worked a lot after hours and was not paid for it. Expected to go way above ad beyond and you will not even receive pay for it. Worst company ever. Highly unorganized and extremely high turnover.
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Great Company

Great Company It was a temp position for a maturity leave. Not much to say, it is a great company, I wasnt there long enough to say anything else
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Great company to work for

If you're willing to work hard, there's a lot to learn and plenty of room for growth - both personal and professional. A great place to work with fantastic people!

Points positifs

Terrific people to work with
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Friendly environment

Great company- friendly environment. Most positions are based on comission which is stressful for most advisors. Flexible hours, you meet clients on your own time.
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Challenging and varied

Fun, challenging, good working atmosphere, trusting, not micromanaged. Varied work obligations. Good management. Nice co-workers. Excellent coffee machine for free!

Points positifs

not micro-managed

Points négatifs

low salary
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A good experience where I had the chance to work with excellent people

During my experience at Investors Group I could improve my administration skills and immerse in a Canadian job atmosphere. It was a fantastic opportunity for me where I went an step up in my career.
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An amiable and cooperative working environment with limited scope of career advancement

A typical day at work in Investors Group is busy, supported by fast paced technology and we were able to have fun within its amiable working culture. The Management is awesome, supportive and benevolent. I work for self employed individuals who operates their business under the corporate name of investors Group, so there are hardly any organized or streamlined career advancement opportunities within my job, neither any prescribed pay structure. Personally and from professional perspective I have learned a lot from my bosses, they enriched my life in so many ways, I cannot explain that. They are hard working, organized, supporting professionals with the best to offer for their clients.

Points positifs

Offers numerous training opportunities, Supportive Management

Points négatifs

Low pay structure
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Many perqs depending upon representative I worked for.

Arrived before my boss every day. He had to work evenings meeting with clients. I learned a great deal about investments, how to process the paperwork entailing many thousands of dollars. The management of the company is very organized. My co-workers were excellent. The hardest part of the job was cold calling. My boss and I had a very productive relationship.

Points positifs

Working toward the success of one person.

Points négatifs

Being dependent upon ONE person for employment.
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Interesting and Fun Place To Work

The Vaughan Office was a great place to work. There are a number of individuals who are always willing to help and assist if it is needed. Fun excursions away from the office add to the office moral. Great hours and flexible support.

Points positifs

potluck lunches, trips, Exciting Region Meetings

Points négatifs

quiet office, quick turn around
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Client driven business

Individual business, work flow steady, busy seasons, a lot of administration, finance background

Points positifs

decent pay

Points négatifs

job security
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Great Place to work

-Compliance; reviewing and flagging anomalies of divisional director’s team.- Calendar scheduling and maintenance using Microsoft Outlook.- Manage client database (in-house program).- Maintain all Director and Consultant client files & bring forward items.- Create and produce letters and documents using Microsoft Word and Excel.

Points positifs

fun place to work

Points négatifs

not the greatest benefits
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fun work place

My employer had never had an Executive assistant before; When hired I was informed I would be creating the role from scratch. After a short period of time I managed to not only reorganize his entire office but create a successful system for both of us to work together as a team; which ultimately boosted work productivity, efficiently and effectively.With my organization and time management skills, the ability to delegate and prioritize effectively, I am successfully able to not only organize my own work productivity, but the productivity of those around me; in a positive high energy manner.
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Executive Assistant chez IG Wealth Management

Estimation de salaire
23,67 $ par heure

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3,8 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
3,1 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Salaire/avantages sociaux
3,0 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Sécurité de l'emploi/évolution de carrière
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3,6 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Culture d'entreprise

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