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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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good office, you're on your own

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-the support could have been better-the training could have been more extensive-they could have been more honest when recruiting-other consultants are friendly
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Great option for growth

I am delighted to share my experience working at IG. It truly stands out as a fantastic place to work, thanks to its supportive management, strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.The management team has been consistently supportive, providing a nurturing environment that fosters success. The emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion is palpable, creating an inclusive workplace that values each team member’s unique contributions.One of the key highlights is the company’s dedication to providing opportunities for growth. If you are driven, consistent, and dedicated, the company equips you with all the necessary tools to flourish. The availability of mentorship programs and free training further enhances the overall growth experience.I must commend the compensation package, which is not only competitive but truly reflective of the value and dedication employees bring to their roles. The company’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding hard work is evident.In summary, IG has been instrumental in my professional journey, offering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere with ample opportunities for advancement. If you are seeking a workplace that values your dedication and provides the tools for success, I highly recommend considering a career here.
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Stay away

A management heavy model that pays 1/2 the industry average. A very small investment and insurance offering when the industry is moving the opposite.
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Great place to work if you don't need an income.

Negative paycheques.Good trainingExpensive costs just to go to work.Pay is below average.One is more of an employee than an independent contractor. It is not a good contract
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An easy way to lose money

They say they’ll give you clients when recruiting you - but when you start, they pester you to recruit all your friends and family as clients . . . you’re on your own.The only way to succeed is to try and stick with it for five years - then buy someone else’s clients.

Points positifs

Free training

Points négatifs

You spend more money than you earn
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Points forts

  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu

Points à améliorer

  • Soutien du responsable
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues
  • Sentiment d'appartenance

Bring assets and it will be brilliant

No arguing that if you have a good book of clients this is a great place to be. If I were at a bank, I would look seriously at moving my book to this firm so you can do the full job for your client. Very professional, good software and excellent specialist support. If you believe in holistic financial planning, this is probably one of the best firms in Canada.Managers, at a local level anyway, are generally appalling. They will make huge promises that bear no resemblance to the reality when you are in the door.

Points positifs

systems, specialists, capabilities of the firm

Points négatifs

management is appalling
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No Salary commission based

I worked for IG for 3 full years on commission base. At the begining the income was good as commission start at 3.5% but went down every year by 0.5% at the end of my 3 years my commission was 0.5%

Points positifs

High commission when you start

Points négatifs

Lots of office fees ending up by you owe money to IG
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Excellent Career and Competitive company

I have been with IG now for over 15 years and have developed a fantastic client base. I work hard and have been rewarded by taking care of my clients. The compensation system is very fair and competitive. The products are very highly rated and they have negotiable fees. IG has become a very powerful company in the past years and have fantastic planning outcomes for clients. This has been an amazing career for me and my family.
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Horrible company to work for.

IG ( Investors Group ) care only about trying to bring in potentially new clients money and/or funds not about their consultants/associates or even sometimes what’s best for their clients.
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Older candidates have no chance.

They charge consultants way too much overhead. Very difficult for new consultants to get ahead. Older candidates have zero chance of being successful. Too late getting in the game.
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Never IG

Routinely over promise and under deliver on their promises. Bonus structure is mostly unattainable High fees, poor performance makes it feel like we are burdening our clients
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good work\life balance

good work\life balance good financial planning focus good client relationship buildiing experience self-fulfilling to engage with satisfied clients
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If you are a people person, this could be the perfect job for you!

If you are really likeable!!! This appears to be the most important part of the job. Additionally, you have to be very computer savvy, investment smart and mathematically astute. There is great support by the company. It helps a lot if you know a lot of really rich people who will give you their money!
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great culture

good place to start financial planning career lots of opportunity to grow professionally and advance in positions through hard work and determination . good commisions nice management
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Good company

The job isnt for just anyone. You have to work hard. Not really for people just starting out. Excellent training and oppurtunity to go as far as you can take yourself. Comission, expected to get your own clients
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Good for people whi have support

It was hard for a new comer to Canada to get business as it is your own business, You have to develop the business and being from another country it was hard to get Canadians to believe and trust you. More over it was a 100% commission job so one had to have a good backup for at least 5 years to survive and get settled,

Points positifs

Great Learning

Points négatifs

No base salary just commissions
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Risky Venture but Can be Rewarding

I enjoyed the the Work I did at IG, and made some meaningful Friendships with some awesome co-workers. The Planning work we did was impactful and rewarding but the Compensations structure made it difficult to succeed as a young unestablished Advisor. Having a Strong warm market was vital for success as there is no Corporate support for lead generation. All clients or prospects had to be found on your own or purchased from Retiring Consultants. The reward may be worth the risk as Established consultants can have very successful careers and make excellent money if their book grows large enough $50 Million book is approx. 200k/yr revenue. Can be an Excellent Career option depending on your situation. Great place to work if you are moving from another institution and already have an established book of clients that you could move over. but Wouldn't recommend for a recent graduate with a weak warm market that would only make a tough uphill battle much steeper.

Points positifs

High Commission Rates for Newcomers, make your own hours, good planning software, strong training

Points négatifs

minimal branch support, cover your own expenses
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Things are not great....

I would not recommend working at IG Wealth Management to anyone. You have to work nearly 60 hours a week to even be competitive, and by competitive I mean to earn $40k a year. You are far better off at a Company who pays your expenses for you as opposed to hanging the carrot of "Flexible Hours", "Unlimited Pay" and "Owning your own business". In reality the demands of the job are so high that there is very little flexibility if you want to succeed (or even pay your mortgage). The one element I would give them is that their training was in-depth and on going, and that does help you become a more experienced Financial Consultant over time. Another major downfall, however is that IG was unwilling to pay for any of your training or professional development. The monthly expenses to operate your business run in the range of $600-$800/month when you realize that you have to pay for Software, your computer, your office space and any admin that you may require. The management was fairly inept. Their qualifications were far less than many of the people reporting to them. They were promoted based on sales figures more so than true leadership ability. The workplace culture is very much one of everyone being in it for themselves. There is a lack mentality where every employee feels that another colleague's success is taking something away from them personally. I do not recommend working here to anyone.

Points positifs

Quality Training Program

Points négatifs

Poor Management and Culture; Pay is low; Expenses are high; "Flexibility" is a mirage.
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Difficult to survive!

Consider working in this company only if you have a strong net work that you can rely on. Otherwise you are on your own and you must be able to market yourself and sell the products. The company will not provide you with any leads or contacts, your monthly expenses are high and you need accounting/finance back ground to understand the products and services.
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good enviromnet. only commission... interesting work. need licensing. great investment portfolios. own prospecting. self employed. personal relationships.
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IG Wealth Management

IG Wealth Management You are an independent Consultant when you sign on with IG. No pay is guaranteed. You don't eat what you don't kill. You are your own boss so it is up to you to go out and find business. IG keeps the Lions share of business that comes in and you keep what's left. I have friends that have done very well at IG, I did not. Great place, great culture but I found the pay to be too low to continue.

Points positifs

Great work Culture

Points négatifs

Low pay structure
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