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Administrative Assistant30 avis
Canada30 avis

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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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productive, problem solving skills. learning experiences

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It was a positive experience that helped me learn about the financial feild.Taught me how to put financial plans together for clients. I analyzed how well investments as well as the business did throughout advanced spreadsheets.Also helped market for the team through social media.
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Supportive and close knit work environment

The IA’s were super friendly and warm even when I newly joined the firm. There is a culture of excellence that is perceptible in every aspect of business.
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Fast Paced Atmosphere with Room to Grow

Working within the financial industry requires attention to detail, the ability to work in a fast paced atmosphere and excellent customer service and computer skills.
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Overall great place to work!

The staff at IG are great people. This was a part-time administrative assistant position so the hourly pay was not what hoped for but the position fit for where I was personally at the time (family). No benefits received in this position. I worked 16 hours per week. No room for advancement unless looking for a complete job change as an Investment Advisor.
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Great opportunity

This job was very satisfying to me. Everyone was very helpful and management was fantastic. I learned so much while employed here. I had a great working relationship with clients. A typical day involved assessing instructions, then following through, diorizing the instructions and or phone call/email.
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  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu

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  • Soutien du responsable
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues
  • Sentiment d'appartenance

Great place to work.

Atmosphere was friendly and easygoing. Work wasn’t extremely challenging but consumed plenty of time. Helped strengthen my responsibility and people skills.
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very good company

Very flexible working ethic People are very independent They have good benefits and always treating employees good Fun place to work.. its more of a younger environment
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Good Place to Work

There was no hard part to this job. Everyone employeed by Investors Group was very helpful and eager to be of help. They were the best company I have ever worked for. Always helping with anything going on in ones life. Caring people. Thoughtful.

Points positifs

People fun to be with

Points négatifs

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Good workplace environment with colorful and professional characters.

Investors Group is a competitive financial planning firm perfect for anyone who knows the ins and outs of the financial industry. As a consultant at IG you are self employed and therefore you work on a commission based pay structure. Though technically you're running your own business under Investors Group's umbrella, you're surrounded by other knowledgeable consultants and as such you get the sense that you have the support of a team behind you. They provide you with excellent tools and training to ensure you have the best possible chance at succeeding in an extremely tough industry.

Points positifs

no ceiling to your earning potential

Points négatifs

no floor to your earning potential
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Excellent job

The day would involve preparing client files for appointments, making appointments, responding to both email and telephone inquiries, and solving problems that arose . Preparation of all types of applications, assisting in marketing activities, planning seminars, keeping files up to date and compliant. I was responsible for ordering office supplies and keeping the consultant up to date on all client interactions. The office was a very pleasant and friendly place with a lot of group involvement on all levels.January and Februrary were the busiest time of year with the need to complete all RSP contributions in preparing clients for Tax season. Very fast paced and high pressure.

Points positifs

Xmas parties, health benefits- very friendly and helpful office

Points négatifs

no cons
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Nice Staff, No room for growth

Unfortunately working for Individual consultants the staff has no recourse. They follow their own rules, they are very disorganized and don't really care about their staff.
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A great place to work.

Working for associates is great, you have one boss. The whole company though make you feel very much as family. From Christmas cards to your whole family to regional get togethers.
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Great coworkers

IG is a great place to work. The Consultants who employ me are fair and friendly. The Clients who we serve are a great pleasure to work with. My office is bright and clean and roomy.
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Comfortable environment

Great job for sales oriented person. Must be willing to accept low income for first year or two but if you can stick it out, the rewards can be unlimited.

Points positifs

Excellent training

Points négatifs

Commission based
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Productive and nice place to work

Great management good perks and benefits. Always depend on who you work for as their assistant. Can be a stressful environment because you are working for a commissioned employee.
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Poor structure, lack support and minimal training

I worked at Edmonton Southside for a short period of time. I received minimal training and was left to learn everything on my own for the most part. When I sought out to learn procedures from head office I was told different ways to go about them .Very time consuming and frustrating. Consultants I worked for were vacationing frequently and I was left to take the rap for their mistakes. Spent a lot of time on the phone with head office, who also lacked the knowledge and skills to relay correct information on clients accounts and procedures. Which kept me away from getting other aspects of the job completed. Consistently got the run around from staff at region office who were unfortunately very cliquey aND gossipy. Very unprofessional and toxic in my opinion. My position has a turnover rate of 3 months-4 months. If you don't have money to invest, you are not treated equal. Why would anyone want to invest their money or refer their friends/family money if you are not treated equal...... Seemed like pure money hungry leaches to me.

Points positifs

Can independantly work.

Points négatifs

terrible service and training
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Superior financial advice, employment satisfaction depends on Planner.

The Financial Planner I worked for as an assistant was leagues ahead of other Planners in terms of leadership, appreciation, and tasks. I learned a lot about customer satisfaction.

Points positifs

Financial security

Points négatifs

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Great Pay, Lack of Training

I learned to muti-task, and fix Xerox machines. Management was hard to get a hold of as the job was in Medicine Hat and Management was in Lethbridge. Co-wrokers had a hard time accepting change in a new receptionist. The hardest oart of the job was not having enough training. The most enjoyable part was meeting new people.

Points positifs

Meeting new people

Points négatifs

Lack of Training
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The management was beyond organized and understanding. The coworkers were fun and theres was always some form of appreciation for the employees whether it be free pizza or the boss taking us out for dinner quite often. Would recommend this job opportunity to anyone.

Points positifs

free lunches, compensated hours, flexibility
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Financial Marketing Assistant

This was a very similar experience like the other "Investors Group" the only difference being I was working for a different financial consultant.
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Productive and eclectic job

A typical day at work would consist of my coming into work and start on checking up on the scheduled meetings to be sure all of them for the day are set and good to go. Some days I have conference calls to create more meetings for the merger project that my team is working on. Managing my co-workers meetings around their schedules is one of the more challenging parts of my job but it's also one of the most enjoyable parts. I love the challenge. I also would have

Points positifs

One of my bosses likes to bake and brings in lots of extras!!

Points négatifs

One of my bosses has very poor email/communication skills.
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Administrative Assistant chez IG Wealth Management

Estimation de salaire
21,10 $ par heure

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