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Winnipeg, MB62 avis

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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good workplace

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What is the best part of working at the company?Good pay and benefits. Good work hours. Chance for movement throughout the company.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Sometimes upper management is not concerned about the workload that is on their employees due to short staffingWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Good and very diverse. They support all cultures and celebrate certain days for all culturesWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?It's still pretty quiet on some days since it is hybrid for most of the employees
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Good pay and benefits

Good pay and benefits but has lost the family-like environment over the last few years. Morale is low in certain areas and long-term employees choosing to leave for new opportunities.
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Decent work, pay and benefits

Good benefits and decent pay to begin with but raises weren’t the best. Upper mgmt/leadership had their favourites, resulting in some toxic relationships. Learned lots so that was good. Definitely corporate world and lots of bureaucracy.
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Fun workplace

Fun and good place to work, with good management, and friendly staff. Good place for students to work as they are very flexible with their schedule. Workplace culture is good
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Great place for New Grads

If you're a new graduate, IG is a great organization to start with - in my experience, I enjoyed excellent leadership and mentorship initially, but towards the end of my time there, I encountered a bad leader that made the experience of being at the company unbearable.
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  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
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  • Soutien du responsable
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues
  • Sentiment d'appartenance

Pretty Chill

Decent place to work. Good opportunities for career development and training. Very people-oriented culture. Decent pay and benefits. It has been pretty good overall
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Not bad

Pros: Coworkers are friendly and helpful for the most part. My direct managers are competent and get me assistance/training when needed. Work load isn't too bad, save for RRSP season and end of year.Cons: Work life balance leaves much to be desired, as in-office requirements are increasing.
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Great people and culture

Work life balance, great people and team, collaborative environment. Good benefits, pay not so competitive because of location. Enjoyed my experience and good for learning
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Good working environment but not good pay

The company overall was a nice place to work because they have good benefits. There were too much work because they are 'unable' to hire more employee therefore the responsibilities were designated to the current employees which doesn't worth the pay.
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Well structured and friendly culture

If you are working in head office, you would enjoy working for this company. Most employees are very nice and they cherish the diverse of the people.

Points positifs

Good benefit, employee recognition, no overtime

Points négatifs

low volume work for back office role
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Heavy workload

Employees at every job grade have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Taking vacation is stressful because your work has to wait until you get back as there isn’t enough staff to cross train and handle things in someone’s absence.

Points positifs

Good corporate community programs and investment

Points négatifs

Heavy workloads, mediocre pay
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Good working environment with supportive colleagues and great team lead

Good working environment with supportive colleagues and great team lead. Team bonding is great with enhanced productivity. Team lead is approachable and there is room for expression. Colleagues are supportive and always ready to help.

Points positifs

Friendly environment

Points négatifs

Long hours with excessive overtime
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Amazing work culture, great job.

Strong guidelines for design work. The environment is wonderful and the people are amazing. Management is accessible without being overbearing. Cool design spaces

Points positifs

Work from home when necessary, flexible work hours.

Points négatifs

Can’t think of any to be honest.
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Culture changed over the last 5 years

Initial experience at IG Wealth Management was very positive, and the first couple of years would have had much higher ratings. However the new CEO has brought change which has increased stress, reduced job security and has not improved the overall workplace atmosphere. As a place to learn, the experience was interesting and excellent, but that was mostly the people and those people are now all gone. To be fair, each department has its own microculture and others may be doing better. Base your estimations on the personality of your supervisor in the interview. Negotiate strongly for a high starting salary as increases after start are nearly impossible to acquire.
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the best

training was good, good management and mentorship. good place to learn and make money. good structure and taught me alot would recommend to many people
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Great place to work

Supportive leaders, friendly environment, a flexible work environment that encourages growth and room for loads of overtime. Benefits after one year of service.
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Wasn't an official job

The job I did was very informal and unofficial, but it was a good experience. I put together packages for a friend of my mom's at my own home, and he paid me for it, so I generally consider it a job. And it was a good experience.
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Investors Group

I worked as a Quality Control Clerk for Investors Group as a seasonal worker. I enjoyed my position with Investors very much as well as my manager, team lead and fellow workers. We were a tight group and worked very well together during the tax season,

Points positifs

Great job and great company

Points négatifs

Only a seasonal position
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A challenging and dynamic workplace with too many responsabilities

I had to manage my time between several different projects. There was situations when I had to work and deliver half a day on one application and half a day on another. Sometime they can move some priority tasks all of a sudden, and yous top working on anything else and give those taks your full attention.

Points positifs

Working from home during sickdays

Points négatifs

Working from home during weekends
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Depending on your department can be good place

Company has limited upward movement with career. Also IG has cliques. If you are not one of them, chances of you advancing could be affected. The company even encourages you to have a friend at work which can be either good or bad. Have an outstanding boss but way too much work and hours without overtime pay. Work/life balance exists but very limited. Pension plan is ok. Benefits expensive for an entire family but ok for yourself.

Points positifs

New CEO, good management

Points négatifs

Rsp, DC pension plan % too small, long hours, benefits
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Fast paced work environment with many opportunities for advancement

IG Wealth Management is a fast paced and always changing company. The work is never boring and information and processes are constantly evolving and changing to stay competitive in today's market. Multitasking and challenging yourself to learn new processes and information are always a must!

Points positifs

Benefits, good salary, good pension, plenty of opportunity for growth and advancement

Points négatifs

Large work loads, fast paced fluctuating environment
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