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Toronto, ON83 avis

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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Productive fun workplace

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Productive fun workplace no discrimination. Work is hybrid. Approachable managers and team leaders..lots of micro management..gets busy sometimes but manageable..appreciates staffs hardwork.
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Slow technology/constant software Issues

Benefits for assistants are awful, work can be great depending on your team/colleagues. Busy during peak seasons (taxes RRSP). Software/technology that you’re required to use is consistently having issues/not working. Head office/upper management within company only cares about appeasing people, not fixing serious problems
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Great option for growth

I am delighted to share my experience working at IG. It truly stands out as a fantastic place to work, thanks to its supportive management, strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.The management team has been consistently supportive, providing a nurturing environment that fosters success. The emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion is palpable, creating an inclusive workplace that values each team member’s unique contributions.One of the key highlights is the company’s dedication to providing opportunities for growth. If you are driven, consistent, and dedicated, the company equips you with all the necessary tools to flourish. The availability of mentorship programs and free training further enhances the overall growth experience.I must commend the compensation package, which is not only competitive but truly reflective of the value and dedication employees bring to their roles. The company’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding hard work is evident.In summary, IG has been instrumental in my professional journey, offering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere with ample opportunities for advancement. If you are seeking a workplace that values your dedication and provides the tools for success, I highly recommend considering a career here.
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Supportive and close knit work environment

The IA’s were super friendly and warm even when I newly joined the firm. There is a culture of excellence that is perceptible in every aspect of business.
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Productive and fun place to work.

What is the best part of working at the company?Great people. Very friendly and helpful staffWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Busy seasons like RRSP and RESP time
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  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
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  • Soutien du responsable
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues
  • Sentiment d'appartenance

Challenging Experience

You are well compensated if you bring in a lot of assets, however there are a lot of expenses. You will need to be excellent at networking and prospecting.
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Overall a decent company

This company has treated me well for the most part. Great medical/dental benefits with a perk of additional $$ towards your health spending account (I've never had a company treat me so well insurance wise). You learn a lot, you're challenged, and you're supported by your team and your manager.The downside I would say is that HR does what management says and they do not keep your comments private. So if you have an issue, expect them to give you away and air your dirty laundry.

Points positifs

insurance (medical/dental) + (health spending account)

Points négatifs

HR service could be better, and upper management should be more accepting of feedback
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The management have no regard for employees , treat them as machines doing work as far as they serve their needs. Never dealt with such incompetent and inexperienced leadership. No focus on employee growth and training

Points positifs

Salary and benefits are market competitive

Points négatifs

Management, leadership, work pressure, bad treatment
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Need years to build a real book of business

Company will dazzle you with products, company size and specialist services. Lots of great training and ability to learn the industry, however the deductions off an already paltry commission totally have you barely making ends for all your work .
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Productive workplace

One has to build their own portfolio to succeed, again commission based may not be attractive for everyone, especially when trying to raise a family and you are the sole breadwinner.
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Focused on sell, sell, sell

Financial planning is not as important as selling initially. You need to gather enough book of business before you can do meaningful financial planning for clients, vicious negative cycle. The financial industry now is different than when i was first hired. Now, it's more aggressive, target sales oriented and that should be transparent from the interviews
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Be a consultant and build your own practice or join corporate administrative side as an employee of the company.

Focused on client acquisition and retention. Consultants receive ongoing education and support. Onsite specialists and admin help facilitate development of own business. If joining the corporate administrative side - some room for growth and/or movement. Over past few years, consistent changes in model, structure and resource requirements/usage have occurred.
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Fast changing and competitive environment

The last few years company has changed a lot aligned with the requirement of the industry . The consultants are require to constantly build their own practice, market and process sales
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Very professional

If you are a person who is looking to build a foundation for your financial planing career this is the place that you should work for, especially the senior advisors they are awesome
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Great company

Great company to work at. Great customer service, very kind environment to work at. I've learned a lot while I was working there, very nice co-workers.
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Clients are secondary to IG’s bottom line

IG refuses to change with the times in pretty much all aspects. Their products are subpar, their fund/advisory fees are some of, if not the highest, in the industry and their compensation grid is down right criminal (on both fund sales and insurance sales). Most of the reps are nothing more than product pushing sales people with little true knowledge of financial planning and portfolio management.
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A very productive and educational work place.

Investor's Group was a great place to work as well. It was a very professional office with a good group of people who worked very well together. I learned a lot about office administration working at Investors Group and I value the time I spent there.

Points positifs

Great learning opportunities

Points négatifs

Extremely far away from home
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very good company

Very flexible working ethic People are very independent They have good benefits and always treating employees good Fun place to work.. its more of a younger environment
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good enviromnet. only commission... interesting work. need licensing. great investment portfolios. own prospecting. self employed. personal relationships.
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Tough gig if your on full commission.

This is not your typical financial service retail job. In order to break into the market, you may need to know wealthy people to make money. If you find a way to team up with like minded professionals, building a practice will take time. It can be worth it in the end.
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Good company that is in a major transition

The Consultancy role is one where you need to be a self-motivator and must be very persistent at pursuing new clients at all times. The number of hours that a successful Consultants needs to put in at the start is very high giving that you need to run your own business. Given that most people are set in their ways and the retail investment industry has been plagued with negatives reviews about DSC's fees and the cost of doing business with a Consultant, it is very hard to convince people to start to look after their future. Trying to convince your friends and family to work with you is a major challenge, especially if they are not convinced you'll be a Consultant for the next few years. The company itself is going through some major transition changes in terms of technology catch-ups, the way they are approaching and pursuing clients and the need to reduce fees to remain competitive in a changing landscape. The opportunity to educate yourself about markets and the pursuit of accreditation is supported by the company.

Points positifs

You set your own hours

Points négatifs

When starting out you have to be always 'on' and willing to pitch
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