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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Easy place to work with but not challenging

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People are nice. Not enough training though. They expect you to learn hands on. People wfh most of the time so office has no traffic. Not challenging on most day. Repetitive task.
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constantly changing

Since my return to IG I have experience the pay/compensation structure has changed each year since 2013 and pays less each year. 2020 will pay approximately 30% less for the same work results as 2019. eg) $100,000 mutual fund sales in 2013 would yield a $4500 commission and today it will yield a $1100 commission but in 2020 it will yield only $750.
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Great place to work.

Atmosphere was friendly and easygoing. Work wasn’t extremely challenging but consumed plenty of time. Helped strengthen my responsibility and people skills.
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IG Wealth Management

IG Wealth Management You are an independent Consultant when you sign on with IG. No pay is guaranteed. You don't eat what you don't kill. You are your own boss so it is up to you to go out and find business. IG keeps the Lions share of business that comes in and you keep what's left. I have friends that have done very well at IG, I did not. Great place, great culture but I found the pay to be too low to continue.

Points positifs

Great work Culture

Points négatifs

Low pay structure
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A Company That Talks the Talk

Worked for IG and found that they talked a lot, and that's where it ended. It is a sales job that pays complete commission. If you are looking for a job, look elsewhere. You are expected to finance yourself completely aside from the meagre startup grants the company provides. With that said, it is a job that could pay you 100s of thousands, but it depends completely on your ability to sell. This is the job for you if you are rich and have no ambition, otherwise fuel your dream elsewhere.

Points positifs

Open door policy

Points négatifs

Company is a laggard in the market strategically, but worse than that they are archaic in their culture and management.
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The company is going through massive changes currently, because of those changes it's loosing what made the company so special to work for. There used to be a large supportive dynamic, now it's solely about profitability and positioning the company to be the premier experience for high value clients. While those goals are good things the way the company is driving toward these goals is destroying the culture.
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Changing times at IG

Plenty of opportunity to learn and assist people with their financial planning. Systems and bureaucracy cost to much to the self employed Consultant Other planning companies are further ahead with their business development.
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great place to work

I really enjoyed my employment there, the people were so great to work with. very helpful and welcoming. everyone always seemed to smile, even around tax time.

Points positifs

great work envirioment

Points négatifs

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Be prepared to work.

You must be completely committed and work your butt off. The company does good work for people and as a consultant your biggest challenge will always be getting in front of enough people. But if you are consistent with your prospecting efforts, you'll make enough money to hold out until you can buy some assets and continue to grow your practice.
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Good business opportunity

Only a good business opportunity because they instruct you to get your Mutual Fund license first. Once you have that license, you cannot go and find another job to supplement your purely commission-based income. As a new hire, they need to understand that it can take some time for people to get their practice up and running. You better have a spouse or a partner who has steady employment and can support the household while you get your career up and running. Not recommended for single people who rely on a steady income to support themselves. You will go broke fast if you don't have what it takes to hustle and find rich people willing to invest. Most families I helped were up to their ears in debt and were looking for help to get out of it, not to invest. Did mostly loan consolidations through home equity loans or re-mortgage.

Points positifs

freedom of workday schedule

Points négatifs

No flexibility in employment options to support a commission income
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Fantastic place to work.

This office has a fun, friendly and family orientated atmosphere. Management is excellent, they are very flexible and always willing to lend a hand. The most difficult part of the job is not always being busy enough.
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Great people, flexible environment

Support promised but not offered, as well as poor management. Continuing education is helpful and excellent but not well facilitated. Relationship building and autonomy are encouraged but expect micro managing.

Points positifs

Great people

Points négatifs

Lack of support
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Nice solid company

Working for IG the company is a fantastic opportunity. Solid products, high level of investment in their advisors and their corporate staff.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

minimal cons
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Great experience

Working for a senior advisor gave an insight on what the company and the business they do is all about. Great learning experience.
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Great place to work

The sky is the limit when it comes to earning potential. You just have to be motivated and driven. Great flexibility Lots of training available to increase your knolwedge.
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Poor structure, lack support and minimal training

I worked at Edmonton Southside for a short period of time. I received minimal training and was left to learn everything on my own for the most part. When I sought out to learn procedures from head office I was told different ways to go about them .Very time consuming and frustrating. Consultants I worked for were vacationing frequently and I was left to take the rap for their mistakes. Spent a lot of time on the phone with head office, who also lacked the knowledge and skills to relay correct information on clients accounts and procedures. Which kept me away from getting other aspects of the job completed. Consistently got the run around from staff at region office who were unfortunately very cliquey aND gossipy. Very unprofessional and toxic in my opinion. My position has a turnover rate of 3 months-4 months. If you don't have money to invest, you are not treated equal. Why would anyone want to invest their money or refer their friends/family money if you are not treated equal...... Seemed like pure money hungry leaches to me.

Points positifs

Can independantly work.

Points négatifs

terrible service and training
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Nice Place to work

A good team and a good management, enthusiastic and exciting bunch of people. most enjoyable part of the job is to scheduling your time and sticking to it.
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Productive workplace

Each day i face many situations and i work on different types of tasks. I enjoy working in a great and warm environment. Getting along with co-workers is easy and it makes work life more enjoyable. At the end of the day it is a productive workplace.
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productive place of work

Investor's group is large organization and is productive place of work
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Great Starter Position

The position that I held was a great starter position to have to enter into the administration field
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