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Calgary, AB34 avis

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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good Organization some issues to work out

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Investors group of old has largely been replaced by IG Wealth Management. There are some legacy issues that exist that make being an unbiased advisor difficult. If you are coming to IG with a book of clients the opportunity may be strong.
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A great experience

What is the best part of working at the company?They are super supportive and their processes and clean and honest What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Have to be self motived and find your own source of clients which can prove to be difficult at timesWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Great work environment and friendly staff
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à Calgary, AB
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Not for those looking for stability

Your success is heavily reliant on prospecting and if you can’t pull in business you don’t get paid. Best suited for people who are very target drive and don’t mind not having predictability of income.
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Ethics issues

Overall management are not trained in people skills. They just ensure you hit the numbers they want. People that are terminated allows the manager to scoop clients that they want and pass the rest to other consultants.

Points positifs

manage your own time

Points négatifs

nepotism, favoritism, unethical management
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Challenging. You decide your competence and culture

Rewarding experience. Management provides good leadership and professional development initiatives and encourage career growth. Flexible to decide work life balance.

Points positifs

Good guidance and professional development initiatives

Points négatifs

Uncertain results- client calls/reach
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  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
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Check Your Moral's at the Door

Commission only contractor model designed to churn through consultants and clients. Not sure about the current model, but when I left 10 years ago Deferred Sales Charge mutual funds were the bread and butter.
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Horrible company to work for.

IG ( Investors Group ) care only about trying to bring in potentially new clients money and/or funds not about their consultants/associates or even sometimes what’s best for their clients.
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Substantial rewards for those who work hard in their first ten years

A typical work week in your first ten years, in order to achieve success, is going to require you to work 50 to 60 hours. Although, in the early years there are minimum earnings guarantees, they come attached to production expectations. You are building your own clientele. If you succeed there are income potentials that are beyond most expectations. You will learn a lot. There are more people trained here working in the finance industry, than from any other financial services company. The training is top drawer.
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Changing their company focus

IG has begun to target the HNW clientele market, make sure you have a warm market of potential HNW clients before you sign on. Lots of upward earning potential, but the key word is potential.
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productive and fun place

Nice place. Hard working people. Great benefits. Choose your work hours. flexible. friendly and helpful staff. would definitely go back and work there if asked to do so.

Points positifs

free coffee

Points négatifs

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Review of Investors Group

Poor culture focused on sales at any cost. Best interests of client often overlooked in pursuit of more commission. Poor management, unethical employment and selling practices.
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Informative and pleasant work experience

I worked with a lot of great and interesting people and learned how a professional environment works. It was an excellent experience for my first employment.

Points positifs

Nice people

Points négatifs

"Grunt" work
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Highly unorganized and torn company

The Calgary offices are a complete mess. Management bills their staff as much as possible for outrageous things. Lots of conflict and verbal fighting in the office, very tense work environment. Can't trust anyone in the company. The Division Directors are lazy, untrained and cant make up their minds on what they want their administrative staff to do. Be warned there is a lot of illegal practice that happens. The division directors will try to get their admin staff to carry out or assist. My boss would come to work high on pot everyday. Didn't follow through with benefits, raises. Worked a lot after hours and was not paid for it. Expected to go way above ad beyond and you will not even receive pay for it. Worst company ever. Highly unorganized and extremely high turnover.
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All in all was okay

The company is very well known and big. It has so many workers and managers. I loved worked for that company. The benefits and security was incomparable. Very good. It was self managed job. And it was customer service job mostly which has to be communicated with clients. Thank you
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A great stepping stone in my sales career.

A typical day was starting on the phones calling for new prospective clients. I learned the inner financial workings of large business.. the management at this company was very supportive and helpful always offering help and positive feedback. I still have many friends from this company. The most enjoyable part of this job was creating a full week of meetings with ongoing and new clients, Golfing with clients and of course signing deals.
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Brilliant Workplace

I love my work there and won't ever quit. IG has excellent support and the salary is up to consultants, as we work for ourselves under contract. IG allows for premium work/life balance and total flexibility regarding hours. It is particularly gratifying to see financial plans work for clients--it is, after all, about them--and seeing clients flourish under a balanced and thoughtful financial plan is the ultimate reward.
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This is a wonderful company to work for.

i have learned a lot working for this company. everyone is wonderful to work with and for. I have learned a lot about organization, working together as a team. i have made a lot of friends at this company who i will cherish.
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Be your own boss

Fun work place but too much pressure to meet targets. Numbers driven. Work gives you the overall understanding of the financial industry but you have find your own focus area.
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Very professional work place

My co-workers always helped me. They taught me how I could search resumes and send recruiting e-mails to potential employees.
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productive and good environment

It was a place in which i feel comfortable but i did not enjoy at all because what i like its fitness and everything related with that

Points positifs

events, benefits

Points négatifs

long hours
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Typical Day

I love the idea of my job. I do not enjoy the pay structure. Every day is a new challenge and every day I get to help people, which is what I love. The people in my office are great, the clients that I have brought on are great. The only thing that is not great is finding new clients and making money while doing everything in my power to do the right thing for them. That makes making money difficult and times are difficult enough already.
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