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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great place to work.

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Great place to work. People are awesome, HR and management actually care about their workers. Good benefits and not bad pay (obviously it's never enough LOL)

Points positifs

Good hours, great people, pizza days

Points négatifs

You have to be half decent on a computer. That's the only thing I can think of which is minimal. LOL
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Poor management team

Pay is at the lower end of Industry standards, Benefits are goodFront line workers are not respected or acknowledged for their efforts. Managers are self absorbed and not able to engage with employee's. Low morale and no team building exercises or events.

Points positifs

Regular pay cheque

Points négatifs

Poor mamagement
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High turnover

High turnover, low morale, some people do not have a clue about their job but they concern themselves with bossing others around. They pay salary and expect long hours

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours
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Full drama and the higher ups don't care

This company is full of stress and management is most of the problem with the regional manager for the Windsor area. HR is a joke and don't do anything about the issues at hand.
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Job security a really concern

Apply elsewhere. You’re viewed as disposable. Inside staff and account managers are friendly and competent. Upper management is focused on profit and are unsupportive.

Points positifs

Decent pay package

Points négatifs

Oblivious managers
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Good for a short time - contract positions

Good for a short time - contract positions so not a life time career. Supervisors are good. Training is basic. Pay could be better. Must use your own car.
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Good place

People are the company are great to work with and like most places have the ones that dont need to be there but overall the good company to work with
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Clashing managers

Branch manager has very little control over sales staff and takes frustrations out on inside staff. Hardest part of job is getting straight answers from account manager.
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Great family job with awesome hours

Great place to work awesome group of guys to work with both management and team workers. Customers are happy to see you and helpful,' the other branches are respectful and easy to get along with. Over all a enjoyable place to work.
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Great employer with great benefits, fun and collaborative atmosphere

I have been with Iconix for almost 25 years now. I have been with them through all of the various name and management changes as ownership changed. Through all of the changes that I have experienced with them, a few key points have remained consistent: 1. It is a great industry to work in with lost of opportunity to learn new skill sets and be involved in work that makes a difference in communities. 2. They are very fair with their wages. 3. Their benefits and paid vacation day packages are second to none from what I have seen in the market place. 4. The opportunity for growth and advancement is easily achievable if your are a motivated and conscientious employee. Overall, i am very happy with Iconix and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an opportunity to work hard towards a career.
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Great people

I have been very impressed by the consistently-positive attitudes of my colleagues, even in times of high pressure or stress. Everyone is very friendly and eager to offer assistance to others. The company puts an emphasis on safety and the employees seem to value a healthy work environment. I have only been with the company for about 7 months, but am truly enjoying my work and I feel that there is a lot of room for growth which is encouraged by management.
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Friendly atmosphere

Working at Iconix is enjoyable, the people are nice and the environment is welcoming. they treat their employees well, glad to be a part of this company.
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Great employer and amazing team!!

My experience at ICONIX has been extremely positive. I was initially hired as an HR Assistant, then promoted to an HR Coordinator role. The culture within the workplace is great with teammates who are all working together, towards making ICONIX the best it can be. They encourage feedback and foster innovative ideas. ICONIX is a great place to work and a great place to be!!
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Great experience

ICONIX is a great place to work at in all aspects. Hired as an HR Assistant Co-op student, I gained invaluable knowledge on the job. The culture at ICONIX is great and working with supportive colleagues within the organization added to my positive experience.
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Great place to work!

Working at ICONIX has been an enriching experience. Quality work, great environment and learning opportunities are the reasons why I love working here. I immediately appreciated the pleasant atmosphere and identified with the like-minded, driven people, and this hasn’t changed since. You always have a voice no matter who you are, and good ideas are encouraged and fully supported. ICONIX presented me an opportunity to grow on both a personal and professional level. From starting in the company as a shipper/receiver to working in the finance department as an AP Clerk, I am still being challenged with interesting new tasks and responsibilities. Working here has been truly motivating as we are always trying to reach the next level as a team and individuals!
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3.8Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
3.4Salaire / avantages sociaux
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