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What is the company culture at IBM?

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  • It's pretty hard to say as I was on contract. IBM employees would obviously have a different experience. People were nice but job stress was high.

  • Its a good company culture. Work life balance is good

  • Very pleasant place to work. They promote from within, You are forced to change sections after two years but most sections are in the same building.

  • 1. Innovation that matters
    2. Hard work

    3. Client trust

  • Very friendly

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  • The corporate values are:
    - For Every Client, Success

    - Innovation that Matters

    - Trust and Personal Responsibility

    This guides the high performance, business casual, culture that relies on the hard work of individuals within highly effective teams.

  • Process oriented

  • Open to learning

  • Awesome. Very friendly and cooperation is encouraged.

  • Everyone is willing to help and colaborate in order to achieve company goals

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  1. What is the company culture at IBM?