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Does IBM Hire Computer Programmer/Analyst Diplomas or does it require Computer Science Degree for success?

9 réponses

  • YES Computer Science Degree helps in the long run

  • Depends on the role. Degree is always valuable but professional experience or unique skills (like security or industry experience) are strong considerations.

  • Yes, employee must have adequate level of education in IT.

  • They do hire analyst diplomas.

  • It depends on the department and position. They tend to recruit from university if possible through coop programs. Yes they prefer Computer science degrees for software development jobs.

  • Yes, it required related

  • I am graduate in Arts however I had 2 year post +2 (10+2) diploma in computer application and got job there. Not only that I was always better than average contributor according to performance. Once I was best of year. So computer degree is not must but recommended.

  • I believe they are flexible on this front, but I can't say with certainty

  • Computer Science Degree holders

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