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Company is private equity so they are always preparing to sell.A lot of lifers who clock in and clock out.Pay is decent. Some good people to work with.

Points positifs

RSP contributions

Points négatifs

Limited opportunity for career growth
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Very interesting job . Love the people place and product .

What is the best part of working at the company?Good people , good place, good product . What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Parking the car and having to walk a little distance . What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Friendly ambience, mixed culture. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Open up the schedule work to it .
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Great work culture

Learning a variety of technical and soft skills from organization. There is a great work culture , which is emphasize me to continue work over there although there is rotational shift culture. Overall one of the best organization. I am highly recommend this to begin career with this firm.

Points positifs

Work culture

Points négatifs

job rotational within 2 days
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Time pass, not so much room for growth

Good environment, sub par management. Most are not to educated and lack people skills. Place is becoming like India. Not the good old foundation that built the brand.
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5 out of 10

Not so bad company to work for but too much favouritism . Big room for growth and you get to meet new people , the bosses are trash tho but yea good company
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good pay

good place to workHusky has a great working culture. Pay is average. On site Cafeteria and Gym is plus point. Good benefits. Good opportunity to learn new things. Great employees and management.
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Great place to work. Benefits are great. Air-conditioned assembly work area in the plant. Good culture. Opportunities to grow and enhance your career.
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Good place to work

Husky has a great working culture. Pay is average. On site Cafeteria and Gym is plus point. Good benefits. Good opportunity to learn new things. Great employees and management.
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Great place to work, good pay, sometimes hard work, room for advancement, would recommend to anyone in the manufacturing industry, I learned alot in my time
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Productive and fun workplace

Very good workplace.It is MNC.Management is really good.They provide good career growth opportunities.They let you do overtime.They give paid sick leaves with lots of benefits
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Fair wage

They pay nice with good benefits..but no job security for temp people. Whenever some kind of special work with special monetary benefits come, the senior people get all the will not even know

Points positifs

Big cafeteria, overtime

Points négatifs

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the company is going downhill

not a lot good things to say now, used to be a great company 10 yrs ago, it just going to toilet from each buyout. no life and work balance. very high turn over rate.

Points positifs

gym, cafe and onsite wellness

Points négatifs

long hours, stressful, no hybrid model
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Advertises as family but does not function as such

Lots of issues as most of the directions come top down only - rarely concerns from bottom up are addressed. Could be excellent company to work with if it overcomes it main challenge - which is that is resource constrained. Short staffed in almost all areas in some that bad that is almost impossible to run the department or the business unit. Lots of attrition during and post covid. Seems like not willing to adopt to standards. In all major worldwide location this company suffers from not being closer to technology hubs/centers to attract and retain more talent. Large global enterprise gives lots of opportunities to learn and adopt. If you are after learning and experiencing how global manufacturing company works, this may be good fit for you. Annual salary revies and bonuses are nice way to appreciate employees. Buget for training and adaptation.

Points positifs

Cafeteria with hot meals (breakfast and lunch) every day, Annual salary revision and bonuses

Points négatifs

Commute required and no work from home policy
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Great products, people, but constant change in leadership groups

Great fundamentals, products, professionalism, strong technical capability and people. The never ending churn in the leadership groups makes it difficult to make forward progress quickly enough. Leaders are not leveraged to their full potential as a result this, culture of fear at the mid-management levels.

Points positifs

Products, technology, investments in products and facilities, professionalism

Points négatifs

Pressure at leadership levels is manufactured tension which is slowing them down.
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Productive and fun but the management gives false hope and promises.

I enjoyed my time there and my co-workers were very supportive in training and helping me. As for management, they tell you things to try and keep you there for the long run. Salary is not competitive at all. Allot of pressure put on you to produce and you have to know someone to get ahead.

Points positifs

Can’t think of any

Points négatifs

Compensation is bad
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Great place but poor management

U have to know someone who’s on top in order to gain full time. Plus they don’t appreciate employees. ‘Here Until Stress Kills You ‘ is what the employees call HUSKY
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Productive and fun place to work

Good environment to develop and grow in your field . Solid in demand product. Good customer base. Positive minded employees. On site gym and plenty of paths/tracks to run on your lunch break.

Points positifs

Good environment to develop and grow in your field

Points négatifs

Petty Politics
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Great work environment!

If your looking for a clean workplace witch values and respects its employees look no further. Husky provides stability and growth to the ones who seek it.

Points positifs

Good people, work/life balance, great food, learning opportunities
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Good entry level job

Good place to gain some experience. Not everybody has the opportunity for advancement within the company if you are hired to work on a contract, and there is a lot of work with no benefits.

Points positifs

Excellent food on site

Points négatifs

Overtime hours, no benefits.
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Don't do it

Here at Husky lives matter. Work you to the bone and don't care about family life. Company is racist. No type of promoting unless your part of the boys club. Do so much for them by putting in hours and it's all overlooked. When they don't need you any more they will take away work from you and then let you go for poor job performance. Picked on constantly. Bullied.HR is a joke.

Points positifs

It's a big facility

Points négatifs

Everything. Don't work here. Ask anyone who works there and has worked there.
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It’s enjoyable and great for where I live

Close to home, and good pay. Helps you prepare for policing with training that is difficult to find at any other security position. Good rotating 12 hour shifts.
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