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Why did you leave your job at Hudson's Bay Company?

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  • Wow after 11 years they can't help to transfer

  • Was a dedicated employee for 11 years , had to leave when I moved too far . I tried for a transfer to a store closer to where I moved and I didn't get I one. How hard can a transfer be for someone who's been with the company for as long as I have ? I was very disappointed with how they handled the situation. When I applied for the transfer I informed hr I was going to be moving and I went through the motions , filled out the paperwork and waited for weeks to hear of any news . I finally went up to the hr office and inquire and they told me that the position was filled and the hr in the other store was on vacation at the time that I applied. That was their excuse for me not getting a transfer . I think that after 11 years of dedication I deserved to be treated better than I was .

  • Management is awful and don't care about the people at the bottom. Also very hard to ever get promoted.

  • Contract finished

  • Seasonal job. Made lots of friends. Worked 60 hours a week

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  • Personal preferences

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  1. Why did you leave your job at Hudson's Bay Company?