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Why did you leave your job at Hudson's Bay Company?

16 réponses

  • No good salary and hard work and too much pressure for sale

  • I left this company because I knew I was worth so much more. This is a company you work for when you have low self esteem and don’t believe you’re worth more! Beauty department managers are unskilled and lack common sense and they lack general business skills.

  • Temporary Seasonal work

  • I think people should be counted equal not like garbage.

  • That time ,Hudson bay company can not provide me enough hours and my salary wasn't enough for me to continue because its not practical.

  • The Hudson’s Bay is not the quality institution it used to be. Centralized scheduling (from New York- another country) makes it impossible for flexibility. Also in many cases it doesn’t meet the needs of the business.Translation- you run your but off , except weekends when there is excessive staff. Don’t our Monday to Thursday customers deserve service too? The message is to give world class service , but we usually do not have the support we need to make it happen. You know how embarrassing it is when managers won’t deal with customer complaints directly and leave associates in the firing line? Who gets paid the big $$$? Also we are no longer allowed to voice our opinion, our voice is chopped instantly if we try to raise a concern. We care and want to help fix problems. Management would rather stick their head in the sand and pretend it’s all hunky dory. Once upon a time we were able to problem solve with management. Now you are a trouble maker for daring to speak up. I don’t know if it’s simply arrogance, or blissful ignorance. Either way the once iconic and somewhat prestigious brand to work for has become a huge disappointment and needs to rebuild morale from the bottom up. Too sad. It was once a true honour to work in it’s previous professional environment. Now I see them hire anyone- the dress standards have drastically declined, many staff have a difficult time with English, and the training program dissolved years ago.😪😪apply here only if it is short term, or if you don’t mind zipping your lip everyday at work. Leave your opinions at home and you will be fine! Otherwise you will be one frustrated associate.sorry.

  • Seasonal temp.

  • Management have no understanding of how to manage people. Buyers especially in ladies wear are extremely inexperience and have no idea how to build a team to work together. Avoid women’s wear department unless you want to be crushed. Most jobs are being moved to India

  • I have worked there for five years and we get $.25 raises every year as a lead supervisor I feel that the pay not sufficient

  • Management is awful. They will definitely make sure you know that you are lower than them. Awful place to work.

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