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How are the working hours

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  • I worked about 30-37.5 hours per week.

  • Hired for 6am-10am.

  • Never consistent, except for people who are grandfathered in with regular full-time status -- mostly they just do flex full-time now, which means you almost always get a full work schedule, but shifts are all over the place. I usually get a good number of hours though -- I used to be (flex) full-time, but now that I'm in university I'm still getting about 20-25 hours per week.

  • For stock associates in the Big Ticket Department (now called Major Home Fashions), the morning shifts would start at seven or eight o'clock and afternoon shifts would run from twelve-thirty to closing (later during the Christmas season)

  • Not consistent at all. Mostly just 4 hour closing shifts unless you are full time.

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