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Comment bien se préparer pour un entretien chez Hudson's Bay Company?

11 réponses

  • Qualifications: Pulse/half a brain
    Wear: Black

    Speak: some kind of English

  • Be attentive, sales experience is a must...

  • Dress appropriate white blouse black jacket and pants / skirt arrive early make notice of your experience ask questions regarding company .

  • Lower your expectations.
    High end look with minimal support.

  • Standard interview preparation

  • Wear black.

  • It's a group interview. You need to be bilingual but not fluent. At the end of the interview they asked one easy question in English. They asked questions about you, your experience, then where you want to work. Interview was very good, didn't thought they will call back.

  • Research the organization.
    Compare your skills and qualifications to the job requirements.

    Prepare responses.

  • Prepare lots of questions for the management. Put them to the test.

  • They essentially go through your resume and ask you about your work experience, volunteer experience, plans for the future, transportation, etc. Typical interview questions. A lot of hiring is done internally so having a reference who works for the company is a plus.

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