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Autoworker (Alliston, ON)
le 30 août 2021
It's a good place to work.
If you are ok with shift work and doing a repetitive job it could be a good fit for you. It can take several years to move from a contract position to permanent. The pay and benefits are good more so at the permanent level. Bottom line for someone without a skilled trade it is a good job.
Production Associate (Alliston, ON)
le 5 novembre 2021
About twenty years behind.
Overall, the job is good. Benefits for both full time and contract associates. Until recently, the hiring process for contracts to permanent seemed to take too long, causing a lot of decent contract employees to leave the company.HCM has implemented subtle changes to retain newer employees such as raising the hourly wage for new hires, and shortening the length of time it takes to achieve permanent status.What they lack, is diversity and representation. Some departments only have one or two members of any particular marginalized group on their team, and it shows in more ways than one.The favourites are mentored into skilled positions, while everyone else is forced to fend for themselves, in spite of work ethic and competency. Group think is rampant, especially in smaller departments and less desirables are targeted by the majority as if it were a prison playground. Overtime is rarely offered in the order that it is supposed to be given, but instead arbitrarily at random to favourites, purely based on nepotism. The work itself is relatively easy, but can be hard on your body over time. Whether or not the work is easy, the laziest employees will complain about it. This seems to be generally accepted practice within the HCM environment. If you are the type of person who would be considered a “hard worker”, this might create a competitive conflict between yourself and other associates who pride themselves on doing the bare minimum.Gossipy co-workers who have personal vendettas against any particular group or person will use their social influence to block others from well-deserved promotions and opportunities. Associates who are desperate to hold on to their offline jobs often provide only 80% of the training one should receive to hold their level of importance.
Assembly Line Worker (Alliston, ON)
le 28 octobre 2021
Repetition work
Fast pace, repeat work. No training, sink or swim. Not enough hours, they don't care for their employees if you get hurt just quit because you will be looked down upon
Engine Plant Process Line Worker (Alliston, ON)
le 21 août 2021
Management is very poor and doesn't listen to associates
If an associate ask for help, very slow to respond or just doesn't. Other associates are always looking to put other associates down instead of helping them as a team.
Line Worker (Alliston, ON)
le 30 juin 2021
Absolutely the worst place to work.
Do not even think of taking this job unless you don't care about yourself, your family, your friends. You will have no time to do anything other than work and sleep (and sometimes not even sleep with the shift changes and Mandatory overtime). The managers are very incompetent and target people that they don't like or people that take bathroom breaks or fall behind due to taking a drink of your water bottle. The jobs are so busy and hard on your body that you literally have no time to cool off from the heat of the place and the heat of wearing long sleeves and hard hats and covid masks. You have about 60 seconds to do a process and they say the processes take 58 seconds to do but realistically are about 65 seconds to do, so you are constantly sprinting. Don't even ask for a bathroom break because it takes up to an hour to get one because everybody is quitting or getting fired so there is no manpower to cover you and even if they had the manpower bathroom breaks are frowned upon. It takes 13 years of service to get top rate of $30 and its a very slow climb starting at $20 with $.10 each year until the last few years of $1-2. Starting there they give you the hardest jobs knowing you're probably going to quit anyway. I just quit after 7 years because the entire company is so mismanaged and do nothing to fix it. They have 0 manpower to help out or cover washroom breaks but have 7 managers sitting at a desk doing nothing other than walking around making sure you aren't stopping the line or looking at your phone. DO NOT APPLY YOU CAN DO BETTER!

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