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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Excellent employeur ouvert aux changements pour mieux aller de l'avant. Ambiance dynamique et à l'écoute des employés.
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Great opportunity to make above average salary

From my own personal experience and based on my job, I work 13 hours a day with a paid 1hr lunch, work 9 hours on Fridays and finish the week with 61.
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Stay away

Management does not care whatsoever about drivers' work-life balance, health, mental health, time off, appointments, nothing. Everything is a fight. It's a paycheck and nothing more. Typical large corporation feel with overzealous policies and one-sided communication. Forced in 4 out of every 6 Saturdays for 6+ months straight, 12+ hour days.

Points positifs

Busy means money

Points négatifs

Forced in every Saturday
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Dangerous and stressful

Workers have no experience, safety is very poor. Trucks are old and poorly maintained. Management doesn’t respond to concerns about safety. Hours of service are ridiculous, 24 hour shifts.
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Good place to work overall.

Smaller outfit, with about 120 union members. Great area to work and live (bow valley). Good pension, benefits, and pay. Great group of people to work with as well.
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Faire un test de dépistage, sa me choque, c'est pas quelque chose qu'il devrait savoir surtout dans mon cas, je me sens très anxieux face a ce genre de chose. De plus, j'en retiens une très mauvaise expérience du personnel toxique.

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Dirty work environnement and mentality

If your patient for salary (it's ok with lot of problems) , otherwise run away from this company like runing away from cholera. Supervisors have no management backgrounds.Work environnement promotes dirty thinking and corrupted ones.
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Great environment

The crews are amazing and the pay is decent,you don't get much of a summer life though and that can be tough on a young family,but at least the Sundays are optional for the most part

Points positifs

Amazing people to work with

Points négatifs

No summer life
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Good place to learn

Good place to learn and although there is lots of room to grow due to the size of the organization. But the pay isn't great and is sometimes lower than the industry average.

Points positifs

Big organization

Points négatifs

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Interesting job-- meet alot of good people

Good company --- interesting job. You learn alot in a short period --- theres more to concrete delivery than most would guess.... overall I had a good experience working there.

Points positifs

good people in management -- many new trucks

Points négatifs

some of the equipment is old/ beat up
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Holcim is a productive, forward looking and staff engaging organization

Holcim is a great place to work. The network, and job simplicity makes the work environment friendly. I look forward everyday to learn new things while contributing my quotas to the success of the organization. The reward system is fair and transparent.
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The employee I work with are great

They keep putting more work load on you because of being short staff and won’t hire they are probably the cheapest company wage wise and expect more and more out of you

Points positifs

Free lunch on long weekends

Points négatifs

Low wages
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Work work balance

I feel very unappreciated, very underpaid and very overworked. It would be nice if a few more people would be hired to share the workload around here.
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Accounting Department

I would not work there again! Management is not honest in so many ways.You are mainly using computer generated letters in AR and have #’s to complete when it comes to calls/letters. Quality is not required it’s about numbers. You have a hard time building relationships with clients.
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Good company to work

Overall it is a good company. My current position is high-pace and a bit stressful especially in the beginning. Most of the management is good but some just make less job than they have to, but in general it is a very good company.
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Only few good guys and hard workers

Where to start? Superintendent wants to act like he's a God, treating people like not worhted and useless, disrespectful. Workers, few are willing to help and work hard but most of them are lazy and doing almost nothing all day....
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Worst job ever

Never work here union rules means nothing you will be constantly belittled and the supervisors are a joke be prepared to do the worst jobs while everyone else stands around

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best company to work

its really good company to work for. i love and enjoyed working here. everyone is very helpful. salary is very good. dispatch is very friendly. Management is very nice too..
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Stressful and dangerous

There is a poor safety culture. Everything is geared towards production and meeting deadlines.Poor changing and lunch facilities.Regular lay offs. Low pay
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Beware !!!! You were warned

I was brought in to the fonthill site to be a heavy equipment operator/maintenance and was put on as a labourer only , they lie to you on the interview you think it’s great until you get there , then they tell you everything about the job that they didn’t tell you in the interview , terrible place , do not go there unless you absolutely have too, get it in writing that you are a equipment operator only , or they will use you as a labourer

Points positifs

None, no one even takes breaks, no work life balance

Points négatifs

Long hrs and 1 day off per week
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The job was ok. It was nice to be constantly learning and have the ability to learn different content teams. Management can make a huge difference in a job and when management shifted the job got toxic. Pay was not great. It was nice to not have to take work home with you. Once you are done for the day, you're done.
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