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Si vous deviez quitter HMSHost, quelle en serait la raison?

14 réponses

Kept lowering my shifts

Complete lack of good management

The lack of support from managers

Management is downright terrible. They’re rude, disrespectful, & not helpful in the slightest.
There’s not enough hours for part time crew members, & management picks favourites & gives more hours to the more favourable employees.

There’s a high turnover rate, & half of the time crew members end up running & supervising the floor (without the supervisor pay, of course) as there’s not enough supervisors.

Minimal wage

I left due to very poor management..its so frustrating to do your job for minimal pay, while others can AND do sit in lunchroom all shift yet get same favorites

There are a number of reasons, namely:
1) Horrible working conditions

2) Long hours working for a minimum wage

3) No opportunities to move upward in the company

4) Management need more training on how to manage their stores and respect their workers

5) Despite how easy it is to get a job in the company, there are not enough people working with you in the store.

Poor management and bad communication between coworkers. Also racism in the work place.

Seems to be the same bad management across the board with this company..dont waste your time.

Management!!! 100%

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