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Innovative Company with great office personnel

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Hipperson Construction is a fast paced, energetic company. Office personnel are collaborative and management listens to any concerns you have. They give you room to advance your career and always offer training!
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Great talented people that are motivated to succeed

I like the fact that my team strives to do quality work and like to leave at the end of the day knowing they contributed to building a quality product. Good wages and benefits with room for advancement, training and career growth.
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  • Absence de stress
  • Sentiment d'utilité
  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
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  • Environnement inclusif
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
  • Tâches stimulantes

Couldn't ask for better people to work with

Hipperson Construction has everything you could ask for, competitive salary/wage, good benefits, great people to work with, they provide you with the proper training needed, are very safety orientated and you are able to ask any question. Everyone is willing to work with you, not against you. Whether you're new to the industry or been in the industry for awhile. Everyone respects everyone here. A typical day at work would involve being in contact with the superintendent to talk about a project that was ongoing, managing projects and estimating new projects.
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Fast paced learning experience

It is nice to work for a professional company that is safety orientated and actually cares about their employees, and Hipperson Construction is just that. This industry is saturated with companies that do not follow these standards. The environment is fast paced and changes rapidly, this can call for long hours to get the job done. But if you want a slow paced 9-5, then get a job at a bank. From ownership to labourers, everyone has something to contribute that others can learn from, be it safety procedures or job site skills. Upper management is hands on with their teams, and receptive to the feedback that they are given. While working here I have felt that the company supports me in my career, and does everything that they can to make sure everyone gets home safe at the end of the day.
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Work that Keeps you moving

I am constantly challenged to be my best. Whether it is coordinating and implementing the days work, to planning the project. Employees' input is valued and sought after. If you are wanting to work hard and learn, this is the place for you.

Points positifs

Good benefits, competitive pay, plenty of work.

Points négatifs

Long shifts
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fun work enviroment

great place to work, great bunch of guys, fast paced work environment. days go by fast, because you are busy and challenged. learned a lot about forming concrete

Points positifs

good pay, fun work enviroment

Points négatifs

alot of hours
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Collaborative Work Environment

Work was fast-paced, challenging, and the moral on site between the crew and supervision was great. I would recommend this position to anyone willing to learn a lot, be challenged, and work hard.

Points positifs

Good crew moral, helpful supervision, fair pay

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Great company to work for! Fun and relaxing

Great people to work with and for. Easy to talk to and communicate and ask questions. Very helpful and everyone willing to help out when I need Good bunch of people in the office

Points positifs

friendly, helpful, respectful, good salary and benefits

Points négatifs

need some milder coffee
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Revolving door

The works good when they have it. But they will always let you go and hire new staff with the jobs. Hard to keep a job long. Will also demand work days in excess of 12 hours a day and weekends or termination.
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No job security. No management.

Punish/fire for getting injured, fire Carpenters just before the 90 day probation without cause. Work extra hours and thru breaks without notice. No respect from management. If you get injured find a new job immediately. They are shameless about firing the day you're cleared by doctor. Seen that happen to 5 people who got hurt.
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fun workplace

• Power Tools (Air/Electric) such as, Jackhammers, skill saws, Air compressor, concrete vibrator.• Carpenters Second Hand, gather materials, take measurements an cut materials.• Direct Concrete Trucks to desired angle/proximity.• Assembling/Dismantling concrete forms, salvaging good used materialsHipperson was my first construction job and I felt like I have learned the most from this company.
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Great Enviroment

You are able to ask questions about anything and get the help you need. You are able to advance with the right training and education. Great employers and co-workers
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My time there

Too many chiefs, everyone tries to be the leader throwing everyone under the bus, the management is a joke and the workers are butt kissers, wouldn't recommend this company at all.

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

No leadership
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Not an employer of choice, bottom of the barrel

Unprofessional and unorganized - can't keep a good selection of employees; work elsewhere if at all possible. Not a company that keeps their word. Worked through all breaks and after my shift, and didn't recieve pay in accordance for hours worked.

Points positifs

Pay was ok

Points négatifs

Worked through all breaks & didn't get paid for it
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Very well balanced company and well organized

As a Supervisor with Park Derochie I have learned on how to handle diverse situations on various projects that helped me grow with experience. The management team communicated well and helped solve issues with in the project.
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Worked with guys that became a 2nd family

Management is clueless Unreliable Superintendent Pay was decent Benefits were very good Disorganized chaos Unless you're on a site with a good super or foreman (rare) you're going to have a bad time

Points positifs

crew members, safety

Points négatifs

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I arrive and check emails before everyone arrives at the trailer. Look at the work that is being done that day and write up a safety talk. When everyone arrives we go over the hazards they may encounter that day. I then go through my paperwork from the previous day. Review and sign off on the paperwork. Meet with the site safety for any concerns. Walk through the site and write up a site inspection. Approach the workers so they can be corrected and if they are not able to bring it up to the site superintendent. After lunch I do more inspections and paperwork. Do the ordering for safety supplies. Orientate any new workers. Have safety meetings once a week. Check fire extinguishers once a week. Many other duties.
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Productive workplace

typical day was safety oriented and protocol. I learned that safety is very important. not only on the work site, but at home too. co-worker were awesome to work with, they treated me the same as other workers.
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