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I mean it had free lunches
Maintenance Worker (Ancien employé) –  Ottawa, ON7 mai 2019
By free lunches I mean, a poorly lit and cold room upstairs where you could use your thumb on a machine to get some dull sandwiches and overpriced drinks, not food actually cooked and served there. You get 100$ allowance if you work full time and 60$ for part time. Maybe they have improved it since I left but knowing how long it takes for them to improve literally anything for staff I doubt it.

Remember, customers are always first priority! The outside of the hotel looks great, the art looks great, but god forbid you look at staff entrances, "break rooms" stairways and especially locker rooms. It's more like a bathroom with a few lockers in it.

Don't even get me started on the ONE STAFF ELEVATOR for a 10+ floor hotel with over 300 rooms to clean and manage. Yeah, needless to say when doing maintenance I certainly got my weekly walking goals done considering it would take 40+ minutes sometimes for the elevator to even show up. Stairs quickly became my friend even if I didn't want them to. It doesn't help that the hotel wants you there ASAP but trying to get there? Don't make me laugh. Don't use the hotel elevators! You know, the five we have for guests, you're supposed to showcase that "we don't HAVE staff."
Great place, really.

Now onto maintenance, let me give you a classic example:
"Can you fix (this thing) right now?"
"Sure, do you have what I need to fix it?"
"What do you need....?"
That's it, that's the job. I can't begin to tell you how many times my supervisor needed to go out and buy the caulking, tools, screws, belts and everything we needed with
  plus... his own money. Don't forget, everything has to be ASAP yet we have no tools to actually do anything.
Shower door breaks? Well I can certainly conjure glass, wait, no I can't.
Ah yet another tab breaks, that's fine we have some downstairs! Oh wait no, I've been asking for two weeks now to order some. Hmm....

Let's not forget that the manager is so incompetent that schedules aren't even done properly, pay's aren't addressed properly and everything is so shady that they don't even tell you they have "a union" (do they really??? I'm still waiting to figure it out!)

Honestly I would suggest you stay far, far away from this hotel. Not only for work but for staying there as well.
"But it's a five star!"
Yeah in name only. The way they treat staff is unbearable, the rooms are a disaster (Trust me, I built them) and everything has a fine coat of "magical glitter" to make it look nice. (That means invisible silicone because things won't hold properly due to the hotel being so cheap it won't hire good contractors)
It's up to you really but I for one will never let any of my friends or family stay at this place. I could redesign a doghouse to look better then this place.
Points positifs
Free horrible lunches, Co-workers were okay sometimes, I was able to keep my phone on me
Points négatifs
They won't pay you what they owe you, Horrible management, "sweet words" to make you feel better, Gossip is the centre of everyone's mind, Lunches suck even if free, Stuck up guests expecting a five star and getting a no star
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Amazing !
Co-op Student (Ancien employé) –  Toronto, ON22 septembre 2019
Working at Hilton was an awesome learning experience.
It has great teams in all departments and the dedication to maintain what Hilton is, is uniform throughout the company.
Employees have good work life balance, they are happy and stress free.
Its the Best Place to Be!
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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
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I liked their uniform.
Housekeeping (Ancien employé) –  Mississauga, ON21 septembre 2019
You don't know how the time is passing when u work in a hotel. Keeps always busy. I was racing with the time. And so many people from different country work together nicely, everybody is respecting and helping each other. We were not worker, we were team player.
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