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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Hilton?

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  • Niagara falls Hilton has only making money as top priority and not the customer's satisfaction. They hide all the red stained carpet rooms that look like someone was murdered in the room to hiding mold on the walls with wall paper. The executive housekeeper housekeeper gets paid off with a bonus for her deceitful efforts.

  • Get rid of all your upper management. And employ real Hilton staff. The owners hand picked their yes people rather than allowing Hilton corporation to intervene to show how a real Hilton should be run. Your "yes' people hide your red stained carpets and mold behind the wall paper from inspectors and pay off the executive housekeeper to do so.

  • We have always happy received listeners staffs and customers commons.

  • Every day to have meetings with the staffs to make them understand because they are so important for the company

  • Friendly red carpet service

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  • Change the management and employees constant complaints for both

  • Change management and make them understand that the "price" does equal the outcome. Hire competent people, good contractors and don't rush through everything to open in time for a rush. You're only causing yourself more issues down the road.
    Be kinder to your staff, they are the one's making this hotel work, not management.

    Get your shiete together, basically.

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  1. Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Hilton?