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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
3.2Salaire et avantages

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Very good workplace to work in, its a place where you can work on your cooking skills and come up with good food ideas. I can say that i have grown

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very good workplace to work in, its a place where you can work on your cooking skills and come with good food ideas. i can say i have grown as a cook of learning the different aspects of food.

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great benefits

Points négatifs

no free meals
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Slave work

This place expects you to do the maximum amount of work with little to no time and the room for advancement wasn’t there. I was promised a bonus after 30 days and I didn’t receive it until 60 days. I never recieved my other $300 after my 90 days so I quit around my 95th day. I was also promised a raise after 90 days that I never received. They will honestly find any reason to not pay you. If you’re thinking about working there be sure to read the fine print. Overall it’s not horrible but it’s really not worth the time either.

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Friendly Staff

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Everything Else
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Productive and fun workplace

Although sadly I only worked for this company for 5 months, due to all of the kitchen staff being laid off over CV-19. This company was a work place I really looked forward to go to on a daily basis. I really love cooking for a living and they understand this passion and help you grow it.

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Free lunches, health care, other benefits
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-Management is obviously Unqualified -negative work environment -Poor Compensation -Lack of leadership -Overall moral is poor Among all employees because of GM.
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low pay

lie to employees about raises. I was told that I would get 2 dollar raise. i got 30 cents raise. House keepers get mininum wage. which is a joke. They dont care about there staff
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Great benefits

One of the cleanest kitchens I've worked for. Great equipment, all brand new. The benefits are fantastic! This company really does know how to treat their employees.

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buen lugar para trabajar como empresa

Buen lugar para trabajar como empresa, al inicio dificil por la apertura, pero se fue mejorarndo.

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focus services
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opening e start up

formazione al brand per il reparto f/b ho imparato le nuove procedure del brand Hilton e nuove valutazione di gestioni sia nel food che nel beverage. condivisione di una Vision con la direzione generale e la parte piu complessa è stata quella di fare uno start up con il 50% dello staff non prettamente alberghiero ma frutto di una attenta selezione e formazione preventiva di circa 6 mesi . il positivo sicuramente vedere la crescita

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la crescita

Points négatifs

start up con staff non proprio adeguato
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Not the type of workplace anybody would like to be

Over the period I've worked there I was poorly informed about the job position and potential advancement. I was asked to come up with a concept to help the establishment make money for the hotel. While I came thru on my end as far as menu design and upholding food cost. As they made money from my ideas they failed to come thru on their end with me. besides the poor quality training and a executive manager that cant last more then a few months I became a very disappointing and stressful situation to all staff.

Points positifs

free lunches

Points négatifs

poor training, poor management, poor work hours, no benefits
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Very nice learning experience

Have to be able to know how to control your kitchen what I mean by that is me and able to or in better since flexible because you're responsible for the whole kitchen meaning prep being able to put out your food in a reasonable time high quality cleaning up your kitchen and all the times washing dishes taking out the trash it's basically just you

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If you live in the area it's close

Points négatifs

Low flexible hours
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muy buen ambiente de trabajo

el ambiente de trabajo en los hoteles hiltonn es dibertido,,benefisios como seguro medico el salario lo justo,,,,,tu trabajo es tu salario,,el puesto que quieras yegar se te da la oportunidad,,,el equipo de trabajo es muy comunicatibo,,,,un trabajo exelente,,

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seguro medico

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