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Truck Driver45 avis
Canada45 avis

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4.1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Glad to be hired

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HMG called me within a week and I received an invitation. That's a great company, very polite on the phone, everything went well! Thank you for providing this opportunity.

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Quick Hiring Process
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best for new drivers

they are so fair not like other places i done interview for. been working here for a year and they dont make you drive only to east coast like other places because your a new driver

Points positifs

fair routes n schedule

Points négatifs

busy sometimes
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Very good for truckers

First place I see that doesn't send you only to long haul on your first year at the company. Usually you do only east coast for a year before getting some local routes.

Points positifs

local, benefits

Points négatifs

route changes
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good for drivers

You get a good mix of long haul and local runs, glad I started working here after 5 years of long hauls. Decent pay and benefits too, got my first raise now

Points positifs

local routes too

Points négatifs

can be stressful
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Real company, real job

I applied on hundreds of job postings over the last several months and didn't get a reply in 99%. Highlight Motor Group called me back, schedules an interview and gave me an offer. I'm thankful to find real company that hiring, looks like the rest just posting jobs for fun, not really good during this tough period of time.

Points positifs

they called back and I got hired for real
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New dedicated truck! Great work environment!

Friend of mine recommended me to apply for a job at HMG and I'm not disappointed in any way! I tried to find a job with stable salary for the past few months after I got fired during the pandemic. Started working in numerous places but the never got paid in time. Hihglight interview went well, I did a test drive, in one week I got my new truck that looks great, it's clean inside and very well maintained. Since the beginning I feel that this company is a reliable employer. Thank you for this opportunity

Points positifs

Dedicated truck. Flex hours. Good salary.
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Good place to work

I had many doubts but after the interview and several months on my own truck I realized that HMG is one of the best companies! Treated as part of a team, dispatchers are really nice and hard working people!

Points positifs

truck, schedule, salary
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Quick Hiring

Very excited to start working for Highlight Motor Group. Passed interview and drive test. Ales ia a very detailed person. Glad that I've been hired!

Points positifs

Quick hiring
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Highlight Motor Group

Highlight Motor Group is a family oriented company and helped me get home when I needed to be for family events, good and bad ones. Really appreciate the trust and transparency. Dedicated truck, always maintained and clean. Flexible hours. Great place to work!

Points positifs

Flexible schedule. Dedicated clean and robust truck.
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Work hard. Good salary.

No complains. All good. Work for Highlight motor group for 3 years. Don't want to look for another job. Dedicated truck is good. Never have problems with salary.

Points positifs

truck schedule dispatchers managers
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Highlight is my family!

I'm happy to find a new family after a terrible divorce that I've gone through, The team and everyone in the company are very supportive, thank you everyone.
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A lot of work. Steady payments.

I've got hired after a phone innterview, on-site interview and test drive, they checked my skills and then I received a call within a week. Got a dedicated truck. Just few months but it feels like I'm wroking at HMG for a couple years. It's hard to be away from family for several days.

Points positifs

Quick hiring. Steady.

Points négatifs

Hard to be away from family.
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Truck driver US/Canada

Long hours long day’s gone on the road... Not enough pay no company discount or allowances for USA run basically you pay everything on your own... Equipment failure are routine, fleet are hard to deal with.

Points positifs

Good for beginners no experience....

Points négatifs

.Never got my last pay about 1800$
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best truck company

Flexible schedule, always busy, driving my own clean truck. Best workplace for a truck driver. I've gone through 5 truck companies before getting onboard HMG and want to say that all of them way worse. HMG is the best.

Points positifs

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In love with my new truck!

Flexible hours. Very friendly dispatchers and the team. Clean, reliable dedicated truck - like a brand new! Stable payments. My 3yo son is in love with my truck.
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Truck Driver

Nice team, great atmosphere, hard-working dispatchers - they always with you. Flexible schedule, sometimes short runs, but overall it's really good. Really greatful for the opportunity to work in HMG!

Points positifs

Dedicated truck
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Just got hired!

I've been laid of a couple weeks ago the same way as a lot of people in our country. I didn't lose my hope to get back on track and feed my family, so I tried to apply to any available job on the market. Highlight Motor Group contacted me in 2 or 3 days and after a week I'm driving my dedicated truck! Amazing!
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Slow paced environment.

I feel their environment is very slow placed. Schedule for the week is not given before hand. Basically your on call, when they call only with load you can leave for work. So don't have a weekly schedule at all. For load drop off and pick up the waiting times are annoying. But dispatchers are very nice and hard workers.
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Inclusive Environment

Loved going into the office whenever I needed to. Inclusive environment and very friendly and supportive staff. I always had my questions answered. They have a liason for the truck drivers if needed and he was very helpful with everything I ever needed. Human resources was the best I've ever encountered in all of my jobs.
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One of the best companies i worked so far

If you are a freshmen go there , highly cooperative and listens to everyone’s problem. Quick and rapid response. If you looking for work anytime they will welcome you
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Beautiful Trucks Worst Management

Don’t waste your time...there are better opportunities than this!! They say it’s a driver friendly company but actually it’s exactly the opposite and they don’t care about their drivers as long as their loads get delivered even if it means going in HOS violation on the eLogs.
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