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4.1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great atmosphere! Nice truck!

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From the day one I got to drive my dedicated truck, very clean and almost brand new. Previously I had to drive some old trucks and had a lot of issues on a route. Glad to have this opportunity and not to think about the repair. The guys in the shop seems very friendly, dispatchers are nice and HR processed my documents in less than a week. Very good experience so far!

Points positifs

Truck. People.
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Low payParking problemDispatchers are unfairUnorganizedThe only good thing here is you are the one who will schedule when will be your next trip.

Points positifs

Day off

Points négatifs

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Good company

As a driver, HMG is a good company to work for. The compensation is fair, dedicated nice truck, friendly dispatchers. They have also their own mechanical shop so no need to worry about the truck.

Points positifs

Truck, dispatchers
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New dedicated truck

Great clean reliable dedicated truck. My own truck!!! That's awesome. Thank you HGM! You really care about the drivers. I switched so many places and this one is the best in 5 years!

Points positifs

Dedicated truck
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new places

Excited to work as a truck driver. I visited so many places in the past few months that I didn't even know before. Tough to be alone and far from my family but I need to make money to survive!

Points positifs

money, new places, new truck

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Great work environment!

Never ever had issues with my pay cheque. My teammates are very friendly and responsive! As I remember I've been waiting their call after the interview for several weeks.

Points positifs

Great team, dedicated fresh and clean truck, money

Points négatifs

Short routes
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Used to be a long haul driver would like to go back as a driver recruiter/trainer/safety

My experience as a driver was good.when i worked here. I would now like to go back as an Az Driver recruiter/ trainer/ safety & compliance as that is what I have been doing the past 3 years at another company.

Points positifs

New trucks & Lots of bling

Points négatifs

Long hours
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its a lazy job

reason i left, needed a more active job and wanted to go home daily, not into the long haul taking showers at the gas station when you get a chance, not about that life
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Terrible company

If I could possibly give 0 stars, I would. Every pay cheque was a fight, lots of turn around time, no one talked to each other in the office, dispatch blames the drivers for everything that goes wrong. Either you get ignored, or you get micromanaged, there is no happy medium.

Points positifs

None... litterally... None

Points négatifs

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Good company for newcomers and inexperienced drivers

The dispatchers have a really bad attitude towards the drivers. The company holds back money off your paycheque with every chance they get. Your first two weeks at work, they hold back 1000. You go on holidays they hold back 1000. You didn't come back to home terminal before the payday, they hold back money. These guys don't seem to realize they have to actually reward their drivers for the hard work they put in.

Points positifs

Relatively good amount of home time

Points négatifs

Rude dispatch team. Inconsistency in payments.
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Long work days, weeks away from home.

The job itself is for people who have little friends, and no family. Very lonely, long hours, little pay, not worth the time away from home. Good part about this company is they typically have new equipment. Dispatchers are good about getting you home when you need to be.

Points positifs

New equpment

Points négatifs

Long hours, extended time away from home.
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