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Excellent management

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The best company i have ever worked for. Excellent management attitude, friendly staff and decent salary. What else is needed for a good life! Thank you HMG for this wonderful experience!

Points positifs

Excellent management, salary
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Company didn’t pay me my last two pay cheque as I informed them i am leaving the company.

I don’t recommend working in this company. They do unnecessary deductions from your pay saying damages or cleaning. Even miss the extra drops which are to be paid to the drivers. Border crossing is major problem. My fellow driver once had to wait for 36 for border clearance and even after wait it was not cleared and had to come back to yard after all. Also wait time was never paid.
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Fun place to work if you like to travel USA

The best new trucks in the business and cross border runs are decent. Straight truck drivers get paid the most. Payroll is always on time with no delay. Benefits are paid by company so there is no extra payout on drivers behalf.

Points positifs

New equipment and always maintained

Points négatifs

No home life
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Great team and management

Great company for a work! Its an honor to be part of the team and provide quality service. Its good to feel how supportive people around. Thank you for helping me to provide everything my family needs.

Points positifs

Good team
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Excellant service

Excellent service. Quick quotes and very reasonable prices. They are very fast compare to other companies since this is my 3rd shipment with them so far very nice respectful people working here.Some thing I notice about them they always respect the customer with manner.
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Respectable and honest place to work.

Out of my 16 years of driving experience for a lot of other places,Highlight Motor Group is the right place to be. Great Dispatch. Great customs and safety department. Great office staff. Amazing owners.Respectable and honest place to work.
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Pays very well

Being a full time driver here requires some effort and energy, but it pays very well. As far as I've seen, better than other logistics and shipping companies around here. They are also one of the few companies that provide the full time workload during the pandemic.
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Most professional people ever

Most professional people ever. One of best companies to work with. Honest and Reliable company in trucking industry. I am using them since 3 years and will continue using their services.
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Not a good place to work.

Underpaid driver's for the work. They always want you to log off the satellite while doing deliveries, to save elogs which is breaking the MTO hours of service. They expect you to work almost 16 hours every day.

Points positifs

No pros that I can think of.

Points négatifs

Everything, better if you can speak Russian
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No way!!!

Be really carefull choosing this "amazing" company. Beware of greedy management. No respect to workers at all. Salaries are competitive but to get them raised is very difficult or unreal process. My point-don't waste your time. Good luck)))
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Recommended for truck drivers

Decent managers and dispatchers. I'm happy to find a place where dispatchers are fair people and don't make your life difficult on purpose just because their your boss.
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great business for drivers

I driver here 3 years now and like working here. managers are fair ppl and give me good routes. I did only east coast for 2 years before started here so really good for me.

Points positifs

local deliverys

Points négatifs

queebec and buffalo drives
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Happy working here

Fair management and dispatchers, they go out of their way to make drivers feel comfortable. They do pay higher compared to other companies and you don't have to go only long haul.

Points positifs

local routes and long haul, great equipment

Points négatifs

1 terminal in Ontario
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One of the Best Trucking Company in Canada to work for.

One of the very best Trucking company to work for. I have worked in Canada for several well-known & high-profile companies for the past 3 decades... but I can honestly say that Highlight Motor Group is the Best of the best. Great leadership with a very loyal, dedicated, pleasant & hardworking management team. New & well-maintained equipment & a “customer-focused” organization.

Points positifs

Too many to list.

Points négatifs

Limited parking space as the company expands.
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Never accept to work in that company

Never accept to work at this company, it does not respect its drivers, it does not keep its promises. my payments never came right. they don't pay the miles you actually drive. never work for that company. The relationship manager with the drivers does not solve anything, They don't respect you as a person and they don't respect you as a professional

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Never work for that company.
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Worst company and management to deal with

One of the worst management to work for cause they do so much illegal stuff with there log books it’s what the CEO says the management sit he claps they all obey his rules

Points positifs

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Decent overall but tug and equipment issues caused me to leave , but overall I wasn’t treated poorly. Large companies tend to lose the driver in the numbers game , but they have more positives than negatives
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They rip you off every pay check every chance they get also they charge you for truck insurance per pay and if u get into an accident they double insu

600 for insurance every year 300 miles missing from pay check every pay If u get into accident insurance soubles Benefits barely pay for medications

Points positifs

U can come and go as u please

Points négatifs

Everything they rip u off then they charge u for insurance on a truck that already has insurance
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concord on

stressful and long , Highlight is a place where you can easily turn from the nicest person into a very mean and rude individual in a very short period of time working there.

Points positifs

Nice shiney equipment

Points négatifs

Company for managment, They get every and anything.
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Keep looking, you'll thank me.

I wouldn't wish this cesspool on anyone. Management is for management and drivers always take a backseat. There is no option on overtime. If they have it, you have to work it. Don't waste your time trying to get out of it because you're taking your wife out for your anniversary. This is a full blown Russian company, company first, family second. No exaggerations, no exceptions.
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Need more miles.. not to much miles

Not much milles.. need much more work it’s all about them not the drivers work tow day and stay home two day, I did two loads to Montreal in a week. That’s not good
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