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4.1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great teams around the office with a terrible management

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Well, days were fun but lond. You dont have a proper lunch time as someone always interrupt you so you better have a meal at your work place. High management willing to scream at you, however managers of the different bounds are nice and calm people

Points positifs

Fun environment, great team, free parking

Points négatifs

10 hours a day unpaid shift, terrible management, low salary
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Excellent management

The best company i have ever worked for. Excellent management attitude, friendly staff and decent salary. What else is needed for a good life! Thank you HMG for this wonderful experience!

Points positifs

Excellent management, salary
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Great team

Great team that is in sync and work well together. The management door is always open to solve any issue or for advice. Good pa work for living and be confident in the future.

Points positifs

great team
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Best trucks!

My best job in Canada! Everything is well organized. Wonderful technical equipment. New comfortable and safe trucks. This work is not only difficult sometimes but also romantic.

Points positifs

New safe trucks
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I can say that this company taught me not to be afraid of difficulties and to enjoy the results. All this would be impossible without a clear understanding of the tasks and solutions. I have grown professionally at HMG and am ready to conquer new heights.

Points positifs

good managment
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Great team and management

Great company for a work! Its an honor to be part of the team and provide quality service. Its good to feel how supportive people around. Thank you for helping me to provide everything my family needs.

Points positifs

Good team
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Used to be a long haul driver would like to go back as a driver recruiter/trainer/safety

My experience as a driver was good.when i worked here. I would now like to go back as an Az Driver recruiter/ trainer/ safety & compliance as that is what I have been doing the past 3 years at another company.

Points positifs

New trucks & Lots of bling

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Highlight is my family!

I'm happy to find a new family after a terrible divorce that I've gone through, The team and everyone in the company are very supportive, thank you everyone.
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Great Team!

Typical interview, but people are good! Especcially during covid the support was very important and you feel you're not alone. Collegies are very helpful. Thank you everyone for your support.

Points positifs

Great team. Possitive atmosphere.

Points négatifs

Some stressful calls.
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A lot of work. Steady payments.

I've got hired after a phone innterview, on-site interview and test drive, they checked my skills and then I received a call within a week. Got a dedicated truck. Just few months but it feels like I'm wroking at HMG for a couple years. It's hard to be away from family for several days.

Points positifs

Quick hiring. Steady.

Points négatifs

Hard to be away from family.
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Too much work

Its impossible to handle all the work by one person. You dont get paid enough for the job. You cant Take your breaks or sometime leave on time cuz of work load and you wont get paid extra for that.

Points positifs

Health benefits

Points négatifs

Too much Workload/unfriendly environment
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Decent overall but tug and equipment issues caused me to leave , but overall I wasn’t treated poorly. Large companies tend to lose the driver in the numbers game , but they have more positives than negatives
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If the money is better

The company was very pushy and not understanding the drivers and their problems and they don't mind paying expenses like motels are overnight stays and I would work there again if you have offered more money and a better float like spends money
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Recommended for gaining logistics experience

Very fast paced, which is definitely not for everyone, but I gained valuable experienced working for them. The previous manager lacked manners but he was replaced after ongoing complaints.
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concord on

stressful and long , Highlight is a place where you can easily turn from the nicest person into a very mean and rude individual in a very short period of time working there.

Points positifs

Nice shiney equipment

Points négatifs

Company for managment, They get every and anything.
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only good experience working at Highlight

Only good experience working at Highlight Motor group. Fast paced invironment. Dinamic team. Flaxible hours, only downside is limited employee parking.
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It’s a job you might like having

Working at Highlight has been mostly great as a first company. The east dispatch are great kind people. Mid west is rude& intolerable. Fleet can be hard to deal with but eventually will always get the job done. The people in the yard cleaning and mechanics are great happy to help. Most shunt drivers are happy to help. Raises aren’t hard but changing positions has been consistently hard for me.

Points positifs

Highlight offers you a good experience. Never struggled to get time off when I wanted it

Points négatifs

There are people on staff like any job that will disservice the brand
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Long work days, weeks away from home.

The job itself is for people who have little friends, and no family. Very lonely, long hours, little pay, not worth the time away from home. Good part about this company is they typically have new equipment. Dispatchers are good about getting you home when you need to be.

Points positifs

New equpment

Points négatifs

Long hours, extended time away from home.
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