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3.7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels
  • Environnement favorable
  • Environnement inclusif
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  • Soutien du responsable
  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Absence de stress
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Environnement de travail bien

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Points positifs

Avantages sociaux

Points négatifs

Mauvaise gestion
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Très stressant

Très mal rémunérer en fonction du travail demandé Pas beaucoup de vacancesManagers pas à l’écoute

Points positifs

Horaire de travail stable

Points négatifs

Fonds de pension après deux ans
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Full of perks

For Valentine’s Day they had donuts catered in for all employees. They do pizza lunches, theme days and activities, bbq’s, Christmas parties, ice cream days. Employees are quite friendly. Pay was reasonable. Hours were good(mon-fri holidays closed) good benefit plan.

Points positifs

Lots of employee appreciation treats, full time mon- fri, decent pay, job with benefit plan

Points négatifs

Didn’t last
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Preaches Ethics yet has none.

I have never worked for a shadier company than this one. Dishonest management. A true profits over people company. Preach ethics yet they have none.

Points positifs

free lunch and ice cream

Points négatifs

Management thinks the staff is dumb and misleads them constantly, Lunch and break schedules are counter productive, If you are not part of the group of favourites, you will be treated differently.
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I Work in a safe and professional environment

Henry Schein is a well establish dental supply company with an overall great working environment and staff . Management treats its staff in a professional manner. The company is well balanced with guidance and safety as well being flexible family commitments .
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a fast paced work environment with room to advance your career

many opportunities for training and creativity, lots of focus by the company to incorporate fun into the year. many volunteer opportunities as well. Henry Schein is also very supportive in creating a healthy work/life balance

Points positifs

lots of training opportunities

Points négatifs

shift flexibility
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Fast pace, micromanaged and negative management

stressful, negative and very fast paced. The DC is clean and safe but management micromanaging and changing job tasks one hour to the next. No daily structure or consistent work loads and positions.
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Very friendly atmosphere

Complete assigned work load for the day at your own pace most of the time. Sometimes it gets busy, but not crazy busy. But it's worth it knowing that the customer is happy. You can't help it but you learn how to prioritize the work load. The management is highly approachable. The president is super friendly. Open communication among peers is one of the workplace culture. People are friendly and helpful. There is really nothing hard about the job. You can always ask for help. The most enjoyable part is the camaraderie of the colleague.
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Very low pay for work expected.

The average raise rate is thirty cents a year, they expect blood and sweat but in return give nothing but pizza parties. Management is in their own little bubble and Human Resources are their puppets. Their excuse for the terrible pay rates are a “climate controlled warehouse and steady hours”. Well to pay five dollars an hour under industry standard isn’t worth some A/C and a daily 7:30pm finish time. If you are considering working here, please for your own good, find something else. I was here for almost three years, w
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great people

Management is clueless and the higher in command you go the worse it gets. They have no clue what is going on in the company or the industry for that matter. The employees are great for the most part best thing about working here. Can be stressful and busy with lots of deadlines but, the pay scales are generally very good and some good benefits. If you work hard and ignore all the bs you will do well here. Just like any other job, there are lazy people and very productive people. Choose wisely.
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Not a great place.

The pay is very low but in return you must work hard for that low pay. Your work effort is calculated by a computer......so in a sense....leads and management rely on computers so they don't actually have to supervise....revolving door basically.

Points positifs

Climate controlled

Points négatifs

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Henry Schein is a good company to work for overall

the management of some departments can be improved. incompetent management is a major fault with this company, some managers don't appear to care about the employees
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great working with the hygienist and doctors. management was decent but its a big company and you are just a number, pay was low. lots of politics, all in all i enjoyed it but i was also 18 at the time, couldn't afford to work there now.
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great company to work for

Wonderful place to work, great team work, great customers. This is a job that I look forward to going to each day, the management is great and very accomodating if issues arise.
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Great Work Culture.

This place is a great work environment where everyone works as a team to get the task done. Pending in the department you work your work shifts and schedules may change. It is Monday to Friday with very convenient work hours.

Points positifs

Continuing Education

Points négatifs

Limited Advancement
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Nice workplace

Henry Schein Canada is a nice place to work. It provides you with some degree of autonomy (in Sales Force). Knowledgeable staff, great management, supportive admin staff.

Points positifs

Flexible schedule

Points négatifs

Sometime weekend/evening events
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Great place to start your career

I've been able to have many different opportunities at Henry Schein, including Accounts Payable, Marketing and Customer Service. I feel this has helped me in my personal life by adding to my knowledge and life skills. Henry Schein is involved in many charities including their own Back to School program which I have been able to participate in many times over the years.
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Fast paced environment

Henry Schein is a timed per hour environment,required to receive,pick,pack & put away dental products per hour.Fast paced environment,willing to work overtime,weekends.Lots of lifting,up to 50 lbs,helping in other departments.
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Great co-workers and wonderful benefits.

The hardest part of this workplace job is trying to understand exactly what the management staff saying two different things.We were not allowed to ask how a co-worker was feeling after they were ill, only allowed to say Good Morning or see you tomorrow. Every two months we had a pot luck lunch and were able to try new foods from other nationalities which was very enjoyable.

Points positifs

Pot luck lunch

Points négatifs

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the king of the dental distributors

You have the opportunity to run your own business and territory, which is suitable for varying stages in life and many find this incredibly beneficial for work/life balance.
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Service Coordinator

respond to orders via email or telephone. oversea inventory levels overall a good company to work for. socially responsible company. largest dental supply dealer in the world
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3.7Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
3.6Salaire / avantages sociaux
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