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  • Why not? after all they can hide their negative reviews by helping others. That is more appealing to most than just helping an employee who are treated unfairly or employees getting lower pay than the minimum required by the government. Lots of cosmetics to cover foul things around. But giving donations will surely boost their clean aroma/smell... :)

  • Pay a living wage for entry level positions. This is a fortune 500 company and that loves to brag about being socially responsible but most warehouse employees are being paid minimum wage.

  • I will create plans by judgment surroundings as well as try to improve ways who make resistance in the way of success

  • I would use my idea to improve management

  • I would change management.

  • I would improve the work to up dating and improve it to a digital work .

  • Ensure managers and those in authority did their jobs efficiently and fairly. Same rules should apply to all enmployees; no favoritism.

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