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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
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Extraordinarily unorganized work place.
Sales Associate (full-time) (Ancien employé) –  Toronto, ON10 septembre 2019
Typical day at work consists of organizing chaos. Employee positions are ill-defined: it leads to employees doing multiple roles. I did everything from sales associate to operational manager to help out middle management because upper management refused to give us proper support. So be aware; you might be hired for a specific position but they’ll expect you to do all roles for the same pay. This lack of defined roles allows for a lot of miscommunication because nobody knows who their superior truly is. So people who are actually much lower in position than you can appear to have authority over how you work. When in reality you outrank them and they should be following your lead. But that’s the kind of thing that happens within a family-owned business; it becomes hard to direct/reprimand family that works for you.

There’s a lot of micromanaging from upper management to no end. Upper management will create most of the problems you face daily just because they have no foresight. For those in middle management (supervisors/managers) if you’re an organized, practical, straightforward type of individual; this work environment is NOT for you. Upper management often does things that defies logic and puts middle management at odds with their workers and customers. I repeat, you will not get the proper support to run your storefront efficiently but will get blamed for everything that goes wrong. No real training program; you learn things on the fly. If you’re lucky like I was, you’ll have a couple of employees that know what they’re doing to show you the ropes. I find newer staff have
  plus... a better sense of community and helping one another versus the older staff. Middle management was fantastic at the location I worked at; very supportive and accommodating. Unfortunately, their ability to do more was severely undermined by upper management. It’s why I left; I should’t have to fight against you to make your company more profitable.

There are great opportunities to learn about the products through affiliate company trainings. Can definitely network through those type of events. Otherwise the pay is not competitive, I’ve seen first-hand overly qualified female nutritionists being paid less than their male counterparts whose qualifications don’t compare. There’s poor communication between multiple locations; many locations seem to have a different set of rules of how to operate. And there’s not many opportunities for newer employees to be promoted to higher positions. If you’re a nutritionist/dietician/sports nutritionist/naturopath fresh out of school, then this is a good opportunity to gain some experience. You’ll learn a lot of what not to do. Do not work here more than 1-2 years; it’s a danger to your mental health and overall reputation in the health/wellness industry. If it wasn’t for middle management and my co-workers, I wouldn’t have stayed as long as I did.
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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
Culture d'entreprise
great enviorment to work in, always learning
Assistant Manager (Ancien employé) –  Toronto, ON2 octobre 2019
always learning new things especially in nutrition
great employees to work with
management friendly
flexible scheduling
enjoyed interacting with customers and making relationships with the regulars
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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
Culture d'entreprise
Read the employment contract very carefully!
Supervisor Assistant (Ancien employé) –  Ancaster, ON19 septembre 2019
I warn anyone who values long term security to read the employment contract very carefully. This company has a habit of terminating it’s employees after they have used them and they only give you one week severance according to ESA. They have a clause in the agreement that you cannot pursue legal action in the event that they wrongfully dismiss you. That would explain why they do not have any policy in place for writing up employees or giving any warning before termination. Once they have used you, you are disposable to them if they feel justified in letting you go. Every policy set in place by this company is with the intention of taking away all of your power and rights to speak up against an oppressive work environment. Do yourself a favour and look for a company that has integrity and values the personal lives of its employees. Truly a terrible company and one that deserves absolutely no respect for its treatment of its employees! Truly sad and remarkable that a company can find loop holes to not be held accountable for injustice imparted upon their employees.
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