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Nutritionist (Stoney Creek, ON)
le 21 septembre 2021
Great Education Opportunity, But Extremely Poor Management
It's one thing to learn in school and from books, but you do learn SO much working here. The training sessions are awesome (mind you this training isn't by healthy planet but the companies). You meet so many like minded people and learn from each other.However, the environment is toxic. I found it very strange that most people working in the surrounding locations had only worked for a few months, and that the original people who had opened the stores had all 'left the company'. (Keep in mind these stores have only been around for 1-2 years). For those in the sales industry, this screams red flag. A high turn over of staff means there is something wrong with management, which I found out for myself.The sales expectations are crazy. So if as a customer you are feeling 'pushed' to buy things it's because the managers are watching the cameras, listening to your conversation, looking for a window to jump into the conversation and sell you more, and the list goes on. I understand they are a business, but I didn't get into this industry to gouge people of money.Don't get me wrong, the staff there are very nice people. But there were so many red flags popping up, and at the end of the day I couldn't wait to get out of there. I can honestly say I have never felt that way about a job before, so I knew it was my time to go.
Stock Associate (Aurora, ON)
le 19 septembre 2021
Worst place to work
This is the worst company to work for. Upper management is extremely selfish and rude. Payment is AWFUL and they’ll make you work like dogs. They want everything their way but pay no attention to their employees well beings. The managers so rude and complete as*sholes
Merchandiser/Receiver (Ottawa, ON)
le 12 août 2021
Great staff, sketchy upper management
I really enjoyed working there when I first started. The staff was excellent and our Manager was great. We had 2 questionable staff that were brought from Toronto, didn't even let our Manager know about them until last second during the hiring process. They would always talk about upper management watching us on the camera to try to get us to do what they wanted. They would watch us and were on a power trip with the female staff that they thought they could run over. It was like they were spying on us and informing the Regional Manager. Our Manager left and the Regional Manager took over temporarily. They would always push us for more sales but that became a lot worse when he took over. It became blatantly obvious to me that all the company cares about are sales. They don't care about the well being of the customers, and the staff. He wasn't letting staff talk to each other anymore and it just destroyed the amazing staff vibe we previously had. It was so unorganized. It would be all these ideas, and saying they are implemented now but it wouldn't even be set up before he was on to the next thing. Also, the way they wanted to do receiving was unorganized, chaotic and inefficient. It's faster but with many mistakes. They expect way too much from the staff considering the pay is so low.
Nutritionist (Hamilton, ON)
le 22 septembre 2020
You will get loads of experience, positive and negative.
Seemed wonderful in the beginning. Loved working with the customers and the staff. We were trained on products and received free samples. All floor staff did every job and I mean everything. Back management staff were on their phones way too much, handing out jobs to us, several at a time often, watching us on the cameras, and never helping in the store. We would be working with a customer (increasing our sales) and if the phone rang we would have to interrupt our conversation to answer phone even when management knew we were busy, they would not answer it. Staff are not permitted to talk to each other. Staff are not allowed to be next to each other. If we did, the spies from the back would come out and tell us off. You will never be praised for work well done. You will be told off. If you’re lucky you’ll get fired for a good reason. If you’re unlucky you’ll be terminated for no reason at all even when you know 100% you’ve done a good job. Professionals do not work here. Only robots.
Supervisor (Hamilton, ON)
le 12 juillet 2020
Great Staff but DON'T TRUST upper management
Very faced paced, always something to do so boredom shouldn't be an issue if you have good work ethics. We were always being watched on the cameras and disciplined for the slightest issue, but nothing was said about how the customers praised us, how hard we always worked and always did more than what was asked of us. We weren't allowed to "talk" to each other and building healthy employee relationships was frowned upon. I was let go without warning, without reason, even though I was told my work performance was great. I'm guessing they let me go because I stood up for everyone, including management when I thought people were being treated unfairly or unjustly. It appears they only care about increasing sales any way possible and not the customers true needs. I made some amazing friends, learned a great deal about retail and health, but also learned that staff are expected to be silent robots and are not valued.

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