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je suis nouveau au Québec, et j'ai commencé ma carrière avec HATCH, c'est est boite de Génie conseil, plein d innovation et de projetsça fait un mois au bureau de Montréal, rien à dire sauf que c magnifique, je la recommande et je veux que tous le monde vie cette expérience avec nous
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A good company to begin engineering career with.

Work life balance is good.Everyone is friendly at the office.Salary advancement is performance based.Bonus payout is not performance based and pretty arbitrary. If you are known to the higher ups and liked then you get something.Lots to do and learn.
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Productive and fun working environment.

What is the best part of working at the company?Environment, Surrounding, Culture, Staff, team members and whatever you name it. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Going to work during bad weather or winterWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Best and respected of each individual. Follow their festivals (if needed) and celebrate their successes always. Each festival & community follows different traditions and food so we also enjoy their food. Even their habits & way of communication is admirable for each What is a typical day like for you at the company?Everyday going to work especially the seasonal changes is respectfull.. like Halloween day / parade etc
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Good work, average compensation

Been at this company since graduation, some pros: good and wide range of available experiences, good learning environment, good colleagues. Cons: average compensation, work life balance not so good, no work from home policy.
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If you have the opportunity to work for Hatch, go for it!

What is the best part of working at the company?Great opportunity to work on an amazing project! Great team!What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Fast paced work load but great team!What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Collaborative, professional and great fun!What is a typical day like for you at the company?Busy and interesting. opportunity to learn new things everyday!
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Poor benefits

Good work environment. Poor benefits. Decent salary. Flexibility in terms of work schedule. Nice people to work with. Learning activities..no mentoring program is follow by Senior employees
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Good environment

Great place to work. Lots of experiences to learn and grow, pay is fair and while there is no flexibility in terms of work from home there is flexibility of when you work. Hatch is the best company I have ever worked for.
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Good people

The best thing about Hatch is the people that works in it, very friendly, understandable and not at all a toxic environment. There are cons, but for sure the big plus is the team
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Horrible to work with team leads...

Horrible to work with team leads..always they are saying you will get a email from HR regarding your job..I don’t know about the senior management..your immediate manager’s are very terrible.
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Overall, Hatch is good company to work with.

It is a fair company with more experience of front end projects, in various areas. Hatch is good for junior engineers growing and gaining experience.
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Great place to work

The management and work colleagues are fantastic to work with. Great collaborative environment. Equal growth opportunities. Knowledge sharing is top notch.
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Great job, terrible management

I loved the actual work of coaching java to kids. It was also great to learn java as I was teaching it. If you like working with kids this is a great job and there are great lessons for you to go though to get yourself up to speed if you're not skilled with java. However the hours were very hard to work around. I was sent to schools all over the GTA during their lunch break and their after school hours. I managed to balance this while working other part time jobs. One problem was that management was horrendous. I' was scheduled to pick up laptops at their main centre to take over to the school I was to coach at. When I arrived, they didn't have any laptops for me. They told me to return the following week, which I did. When I arrived they again didn't have any laptops available and also my classes were cancelled and I wasn't even notified. I asked them to pay for my travel time which they did. Very disorganized and a poor lack of communication. Another huge problem was for their March Break camps they asked if I was available. After making arrangements with my other part time work I told them I'd do it. I went in for a March Break orientation and afterwards they said to keep an eye on my online schedule. I didn't receive any hours at all and when I inquired they didn't give me straight answers and scheduled 2 half shifts, instead of the 2 full time weeks I was supposed to work. I immediately quit after this. Overall, the actual work is great but the management was so bad. They took on more work than they could handle and the communication was terrible. - 
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Decent job if you're into this sort of thing

The job can consist of a lot of travelling which can sometimes be difficult if you are travelling 40min away with no compensation for only an hour's worth of actual work. The teaching component was fun and fulfilling. Class sizes were okay but they wanted to increase them by 1 which, personally became a bit much and fairly hectic.
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Impractical work and poor management

Hatch Coding Canada offers very low hours to their existing employees, and does not properly assign work due to excessively disjointed management. Organization and reasonable compensation is a huge weakness.

Points positifs

Fun experience in teaching younger people to program

Points négatifs

Low hours, disorganized management, unreasonable travel to each location for only ~1hr of work
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Horrible Job

On regular they don't give you more than 2 hrs of work. Make you travel far and they just don't care about how much you care about their students. They rather micro manage you and upper management doesn't care how its like to manage the staff and the kids at the same time. If your looking for long/mid term i'd say look else where. They don't listen to you

Points positifs

you get to work with kids

Points négatifs

too much travelling, they don't care about you or your time
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Fun workplace

Got to teach kids how to learn to code. Learned to work with other coaches to provide help to children and engage their mind in learning how to create games through programming.

Points positifs

Teaching children

Points négatifs

Travel times for 1-2 cocahing
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I like working with people who motivated.

Hello I from Sint Maarten... Just here on vacation. And i fell in love with the country. I would love to stay here and thats why i apply for a new job.

Points positifs

Bring own lunch

Points négatifs

1h lunch
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Did the job.

Great place to work if you like teaching kids. They pay well and the content itself is fun to teach and create. Classes sizes vary and I wasn't always guaranteed work, but when I was it was good.
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