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3.9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Amazing company

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I worked at Harbour Air for 12 years. I thought that I was treated fairly, I was supported and listened to. Amazing staff amazing health plan. Would recommend this company highly.

Points positifs

Team work, fun environment.

Points négatifs

Summers are long shifts. Weather issues in the winter and no flying make for upset passengers
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Management (a mans world) old school

They use you and than throw you aside like a old piece of garbage. Staff are wonderful. Upper management treatment is outrageous. You are only money to them not a person. They will use everything you have than throw you out.

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Points négatifs

Long hours, no lunch, deduct yr pay the company is cheap
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The camaraderie and office culture is the best.

I love the culture and the office camaraderie is great, there is no typical day because everyday is different but since it's a fun workplace it will get you through the day, the perks are great too.
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The safety of our passengers, pilots, and team members are our top priority. As front counter agents, we check everything from weight and balance of the plane, aircraft, time, weather, transportation of dangerous goods, to the well being of the passengers and the pilots before we board every flight. A typical day at work includes checking in passengers, weighing their bags and checking for dangerous items with passengers. We also tackle freight and merchandising. We also take care of giving travel information and tour packages of our bases such as Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler and Richmond, to name a few. We also make sure our front counters and lounge are in tip-top shape by cleaning and providing coffee, tea, and pastries for the passengers Our work requires the employees to have teamwork, fast thinking skills and

Points positifs

Amazing team, Flight benefits (casual, part time and full time), Extended Medical and Dental benefits (Full time and Part Time), Flexible shift changes, Day in a Life if anyone wants to try, Discounts at certain places including the bar right in front of the YVR counter, Vacation, Buddy Passes for family and friends (discounted stand by flights)

Points négatifs

No permanent lunch room, 12 hr shifts, weather interruptions
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Supportive and Committed Team

The team at Harbour Air (Downtown Base) are very supportive in training, committed to doing things properly, and a great group of people in terms of personalities.
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Wonderful employer

A major Canadian music festival is facing an unexpected, tiny hurdle: a nesting bird who picked the site of the main stage to lay her eggs. A killdeer and her four eggs could delay the Ottawa Bluesfest from setting up for its 5 July opening. Construction of the festival's main stage is scheduled to begin on Tuesday.
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fun and safe work place

very professional and easy going work environment. All staff are well taken care of and treated with many perks. Well managed and above par organization.
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Over worked and under paid but you make a lot of great friends!

Harbour Air has an excellent team of people working there but all the counter and dock staff work very long hours in the summer time and only make $13-$14 an hour. The amount of work everyone does is not rewarded by management and staff that have been there for over one year are not offered raises or medical/dental benefits. Unless you're a pilot or it's your first job in the aviation industry and you solely need to establish networking contacts for future jobs with other airlines, I would not recommend working here.

Points positifs

Nice view if you work at Vancouver Harbour. Great team environment.

Points négatifs

Long days in the summer, standing on feet for 12 hrs a day, slim prospect for raises and promotions and benefits, very low pay
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Accommodating and organized company

Comfortable work environment, management is always willing to hear ideas and work towards improvement. Provided flexible hours, and one on one training. Friendly, customer-oriented staff that cared about the company.

Points positifs

Enthusiastic staff

Points négatifs

Poor weather created delays and frustrated customers
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Great Company

Well organized company, great group of employees that make it feels like family. Benefits are great but advancement might be a long shot.
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3.9Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
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