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HHS is a good place to start working and building yourself as a nurse. The only thing i like working in HHS are the nurses, HCAs, and allied health members that i get to work with.
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Great team

Supportive leadership. Opportunity for career advancement. Lots of learning opportunities. Financial support available for educational programs. Positive work environment
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Culture was inclusive and management was fair and open

I felt that the management was fair and encouraging. The team was very helpful. Difficult onboarding with Covid, and staff working remotely. There is lots of support and opportunity for growth.
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You cant have your cake and eat it to

You are not guaranteed any hours and you are not supposed to get a second job. Not offered hours to pick up all that often however during the interview this is not what they tell you. You do not work with your coworkers, you are competing directly with them.
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Great Organization

Great inclusivity initiatives, opportunities for learning and growth, opportunity for advancement. Hopefully will continue opportunities for remote work for admin and corporate, post-pandemic.
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It's okay, salary increase required to meet cost of living

Overall, this is a good company to work for. Management in my department is good however other department could benefit from a major shift. Salaries need a major adjustment to coincide with the cost if living increase in Hamilton and jobs that can be done remotely should stay that way.
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Lots of opportunities

lots of area to grow and experience different specialties. lots of different online trainings you can take, if you really like change they have a float pool of nurses you can work in and go to different units everyday.
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great place to work

Hhs is a great place to work, I was a ien, was tough for me to engage in canadian health care system, but hhs helped me to learn it. I started as an extern and now working as a rn.
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Overall alright organization

Fair pay compared to other organizations (but hardly enough to live on your own in Hamilton though) and generally good ability to pick up more hours, even for casual or part time employees. Alright benefits or good lieu pay instead of benefits if you aren't regular PT or FT. Good job security since many positions within HHS are unionized. However there is little or no room for advancement within the organization depending on your role. Good pension available for all staff. Depending on your unit, being a rehabilitation therapist often comes with some abuse from patients which is accepted as part of the job, especially in ABI. Since the pandemic staff moral has decreased significantly, but overall it is still an alright place to work regardless.

Points positifs

Good lieu pay instead of benefits, good pension, Fair shift distribution, little pressure to pick up overtime -however it is often offered.

Points négatifs

often a lack of action from management when issues or improvements are brought up, little room to move up within the organization, have to pay for parking or walk far to get free street parking, no performance based raises or bonuses (all unionized)
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Best Job Ever

This Is by far the best job I ever had. The pay is exceptionally competitive and rewarding. It does not have the burnout effect of other hospital umbrella Corps.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Excellent place to work

This is a wonderful place to work with highly skilled staff. I enjoyed the teamwork and was proud to be part of this team. Being part of the nursing resource team really opened my eyes to the number of learning opportunities at this hospital.
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Good pay but be ready to deal with difficult people

Pros:HHS pays really wellOnce you're in you can move around the companyLots of hours for on calls depending on positionCons:A lot of the employees are really negativeFellow employees often slack/don't work/call in sick every week and nothing is done because of the union
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New grad

being here for a short time, if you are a new grad its a good place to start, you're able to transfer to various sites around HHS depending on your manager.

Points positifs

Good Team
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Horrible toxic culture

Horrible and toxic work culture. Management are selfish; they have a complete lack of respect for front line workers. Minimal support. Front line staff are burnt out, moral is low.
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Good place to work

Good place to work, be prepared to learn a lot of medical terminology depending on what department you’re in. Management may give you a pat on the back instead of solving any issues.
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Good place to work overall

Overall was a great place to work. Some cliques at times and sometimes I felt deliberately left out of our little department but that was attributed to two people in particular, and not the department itself. I would recommended working here.
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Good place for work

good place and fair payment but you can't imagine a higher level career path. There is no chance to advance in your career. No training or encourage you to learn new things
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Great staff & teamwork (depends on unit)

Nurses willing to help one another, including new hires. However, this depends on the unit. Short staffed on many units, like many other hospitals in Ontario during this pandemic.
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McMaster OR is a great place to work but the Organization does not value its employees

Loved working in the Operating Room at McMaster. So honestly, I'd give it a 4.5. The Paediatric OR has some excellent, positive and energetic staff and the majority of the staff (Nurses, Doctors) are great team-players with a common goal to provide great patient care and have a great day doing it. If you love the OR but aren't one for daily trauma cases, this is the place for you! Unfortunately the organization itself is very impersonal and does not recognize when its staff go above and beyond (rated 3). They are not respectful of staff members schedules (especially during the pandemic). Any (and all) vacation requests may be denied and schedules are subject to change due to "needs of the department" . They try to provide notice but if you're low on seniority you may end up not having a choice (ex. being assigned call). The Master Schedule is not followed well so it's best to just wait till 6 weeks for scheduled time to be posted before you make plans. You may choose to take on additional projects for quality improvement or personal growth but the organization is far enough removed that these things are not recognized. Also, please be mindful of the potential of redeployment with inadequate training (pandemic specific). TLDR: MUMC OR has a positive culture and is a great place to work but the organization is impersonal and does not value its employees.
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Great company

You can have a career here but with the never ending Covid pandemic staff are stressed and burned out. Good company though and lots of opportunities in other areas

Points positifs

Great pay

Points négatifs

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Terrible management.

Management completely out of touch with reality. At HHSC, with 13,000 employees, you really ARE just a number!Management is constantly changing their minds and endless procedures and policies as a result. Much of what they do is to present good optics. Staff morale is low and they treat staff terribly. They pretend to stand for "respect" and "caring" but it's all virtue-signaling.Attempt to be "diverse" and "inclusive", but only if you agree with their narrative.

Points positifs

Great benefits.

Points négatifs

Too big to care about you.
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