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À propos de l'entreprise

  • PDG
    John R. Stoiber
  • Date de création
  • Taille de l'entreprise
    1 001 à 5 000
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    100 $ à 500 $ millions (CAD)
  • Secteur d'activité
    Transport et logistique


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train crew shuttle driver (Toronto, ON)
le 11 juin 2020
money not there if you want to earn a living to pay rent own a car try to buy a house etc .etc.- job good for people wanting to earn extra income
hard to earn a living - work not steady sometimes 2-3 days go by no work .. over hired crew shuttle drivers not enough work for all the drivers to earn a decent living - management want you to be available 7 days - 24 hours - you are on call as a driver and you can be called to come into work and pick up a crew anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour notice..
Driver (Ontario)
le 22 juin 2021
Fun job
It was a great job, had a lot of fun. CP and CN train Crews I drove were great man/woman. Super friendly people. Good company to work for, my boss was nice man to work for.
Cleaner (Whitby)
le 23 février 2021
Horrible work place
Unfair work load, supervisors are very lazy they don’t help out even when we are short staff. Management doesn’t care about staff they only care about money.
Driver (Ontario)
le 14 février 2021
Over complicated
On paper, and for the rate if pay it seems like it should be fairly straightforward. Get in a van, and drive people from point A to B. This is really what it should be. It's not though.This is by far, one of the most overcomplicated jobs I have ever seen. I do more paperwork, and pointless busywork now than I did when I was a conductor at CP. There are forms to fill out, automated phone systems to navigate, then emails to send all for one pick up and drop off. On top of that you have to drive, navigate, take care of the van, and help out everywhere else. It is really unnecessarily complicated. The training is a joke. The trainer started out by saying he wants to quit then spends the day lecturing how to drive a van. I have been driving for 44 years without an accident, yet it seemed more important to drone on and on about stopping distances, and speed limits. It was insulting. Very little time was spent going over the paperwork, phone system, dispatch, or other duties. Everyone says its a great job for retirees to make a bit of money, but no one I have actually worked with enjoys the job.Its not worth the hassle.
Chauffeur (Winnipeg, MB)
le 2 janvier 2021
The system of driver - dispatcher communication could be better.
As a professional driver and with my railway on call experience I understand the culture and get along well with passengers and fellow employees alike.

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