Tracey Sharpless BScN

Graduated from Nipissing University – BScN (RPN to BScN Bridging Distance Program)

I love the rural hospital setting. You have ample opportunity to use a large variety of nursing skills. The Emergency department experience is great, the whole environment supports on-going learning. I work with a terrific team of amazing nurses.
It is necessary to practice a variety of skills every day. You are part of a small group of nurses, so teamwork abilities are an asset. It can be quite challenging at times, nursing in an environment with limited resources on occasion.

Shirley Lake RN

Graduated from Trent University - BScN

I joined HHHS to expand my nursing skills in a community that works closely with several different organizations to achieve the best possible outcome for patients and community residents.
Having the opportunity to work in Acute Care and Emergency departments has created great learning opportunities, expanded my skills, and increased my clinical judgments for the best possible patient outcomes. We have a close working relationship with Physicians and are able to work together with families to create better discharge outcomes. Nursing within a smaller community where you live ensures that you maintain important relationships as you may know who you’re treating.

Danielle Clements RN

Graduated from the University of Western Ontario - BScN

Halliburton is my home town. After graduating from University I worked at the University Hospital in London, Ontario and didn’t ever enjoy or feel comfortable in the big hospital feel. After moving back home and working here I found I really felt like a part of the family in the HHHS organization.
In the Diabetes Education Network, we have a very small team and a large client roster. The prevalence of Diabetes locally, in Canada and world-wide is continually increasing. Ongoing research, new medications, advancements in technology, new and improved monitoring and treatment plans are critically important. There is always something new to learn about diabetes and our role as diabetes educators is to continually stay ahead of the curve to help clients to the best of our ability.

Katie Patterson RPN

Graduated from Georgian College – RPN Diploma

Katie transitioned from PSW to RPN. She had heard great thing about Haliburton highland Health Services through her family, friends and others within the community.
It was a double challenge moving into a new role as an RPN and moving into this new community with Haliburton Highlands. It was worth the time and the effort to transition from a PSW role to an RPN role. I currently work in Long Term Care, in our Highland Crest facility in Minden.

Christine Black RPN

Graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College – RPN Diploma

I chose HHHs as it was close to my home and there was lots of opportunity to advance my skills. I have worked Emergency and Acute Care departments and currently work as a BSO in Long Term Care.
My current BSO role (Behavioural Supports Ontario) in Long Term Care has lots of challenges as you work with seniors with response behaviours. I have learned much by spending time with each resident as well as attending many training courses as offered.

Jenna Hughes RPN

Graduated from St. Lawrence College, Kingston – Practical Nursing Diploma

I chose HHHS as an employer due to the fact that it would offer me opportunities to use the skills I have learned and acquired during my post-secondary education.
With respect to unique challenges or opportunities, I was able to insert a chest tube while being quite new to my role. It may not seem too interesting, but as a new graduate, a chest tube insertion is a learning jackpot. It is amazing working in the HHHS Emergency and Acute Care departments as there is always something new to learn and experience.

Andrea Prentice RN

Graduated from Georgian College - Diploma in Nursing

Rural medicine is extremely rewarding. We often know our patients. I am able to rase my family in a safe community environment. As nurses, we work closely with Physicians and other professionals. We are an Accredited organization giving the best possible care. There is a good pension plan and the RN a represented by ONA.
With regard to unique challenges, you sometimes end up taking care of close friends or family, due to a smaller population. With limited resources and sometimes support, you have to be resourceful yourself, thinking and making decisions on your feet. Dealing with and helping those living in poverty can be challenging due to limited financial support.

Shelley VanLieshout RPN TMC

Graduated from Durham College - RPN Diploma

Working at Haliburton Highlands Health Services (HHHS) I hold a great sense of pride in the high standard of patient care we provide in our multiple facilities and services. At HHHS, we provide high quality, compassionate care to our patients, residents and members of our community. Although we are a smaller organization, HHHS is diverse and we are “Leaders in Innovative Rural Health Care.”
As we are a rural setting that comes with it’s own challenges. As the Telemedicine Coordinator, being able to provide Telemedicine certainly helps to close the gap in long distances between our community members, patients and specialist, ultimately bringing care closer to home.
A rural setting has a silver lining too, allowing us to work and live where we play. Haliburton County truly in a four-season wonderland.

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