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glad to be out of there
accounting (Ancien employé) –  Toronto26 avril 2015
This place has a higher turn-around of any place I have ever worked. They routinely fire people and I don't think I saw a month go by in the 18 months that I was there that at least 1 person wasn't 'let go'. So, morale is low and job security is non-existent. The burn-out rate is extremely high as they are chronically understaffed and because they are too cheap to hire new people, as the company grows and the workload increases, the staff they have are just expected to work longer and longer hours. It is not uncommon for employees to have melt-downs because they feel overwhelmed. Also, the top management are unfeeling and cold. I left there completely exhausted and regretful that I ever accepted a job there. Overall, it is the worst place I have ever worked.
Points positifs
Quite a few nice people I met along the way.
Points négatifs
Top management unfeeling and uncompassionate-extreme work load without the pay to go with the long, long work days
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