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What is the company culture at Habitat For Humanity?

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Advertised as being positive and welcoming. Not really the case in C.A.M.B.R.I.D.G.E., Ont.

Management ignores real problems, allowing troublemakers to linger. Many former volunteers and some employees will agree.

Manager is very cold, and uses inappropriate glaring and body language. Also reportedly brags a lot about vacation time. Demeaning to certain people.

Will also use the “I’m the boss” routine, including intimidation, many times per week to get what is desirable.

Manager is goal-oriented, meaning nothing else matters but the final product. Does not care about the ‘process’, or time-constraint for reliable people, just that it gets done.

Manger thinks volunteers are treated too well, because they are given water and snacks, or are given too many ‘free’ things.

Manager often makes snide remarks about certain customers and others. If someone challenges manager or presents a constructive argument, the response is, “Well, I’m the boss,” or even, “that person probably has severe mental health problems.” Sounds like a severe case of megalomania here.

Often prejudiced against family recipients of charitable program because of ‘origin’. Not very reassuring or professional in this regard.

Very biased and narrow in terms of employment standards. Manager is highly critical of one’s name, ‘origin’ / background, education, or gender when considering hiring prospective employees. Will often hire family members of other employees instead of reliable people.

Treats people like they are either babies or stupid.

Manager uses company resources for personal use. Dinner, theater, air travel, and vacation information are forwarded to work e-mail. Company printer is also used for personal printing.

Manager sometimes randomly takes days off for vacation. Will often plan 4-day long weekends, all the while telling workers it is initially for ‘important’ reasons.

Different for various locations. Some work environments are reasonable and welcoming, while others do not provide much room for personal growth or mediation. It would depend upon individual managers and affiliate office management, in addition to the people being hired for work. Like in other workplaces, you may have some good and some bad experiences.

It is a multi cultural environment. Very friendly and patient.

Too political

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