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What are Habitat's policies regarding workplace bullying, inclusion, and accommodation, etc?

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They seem like a forward thinking company which doesn't tolerate bullying. They are very inclusive and accommodating.

Great place to gain experience- super friendly and helpful staff that are always willing to show you how to do things

Most workers are temps but a over all safe place,everyone gets along well as its a friendly

Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity have developed hiring and standards of practice policies, as well as a code of conduct, in line with local, regional, state/provincial laws and guidelines. Whether they follow those guidelines depends upon the efforts of management, and those who are part of the organization.

Habitat is typical as a set of affiliate companies which support the conventional standards of inclusion and accommodation in the workplace, as well as anti-bullying and anti-harassment. The results speak for themselves though. Keep in mind that companies which expressly and overtly commit to such policies in writing or verbal presentation, OFTEN DO NOT meet the advertised or promoted set standards.

Workplace bullying will occur if the affiliate managers permit such behaviour. Likewise, exclusion and limited accommodation will be present in certain locations, depending upon the disposition of management.

In summary: discrimination will happen, but will be determined by management, the ReStore manager, co-workers, and the work environment of the ReStore affiliate.

Some locations are better than others. Overall, there is a typical response to discrimination concerns, which is little or no response at all.

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