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Si vous deviez quitter Habitat For Humanity, quelle en serait la raison?

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If they lay off me

Many reasons. Finding opportunities with other work might be one motivational factor. Working conditions might also be another. The attitude from management and from co-workers would determine the suitability of the working environment. Conflict and treatment from customers (and donors) would also provide impetus in considering whether to stay or go.

Could be multiple reasons. One would be finding other opportunities. Working at the ReStore for several years can be taxing, and some may desire to move on and try other things. Definitely management and employee relations are of great concern. If you have a cold and tyrannical boss, then you may not last long. The same goes for having to deal with rude and bully co-workers, especially if management ignores the problem and excuses it. A further reason could be 'aimless' employees who want to avoid responsibility, thus placing more of the burden upon you. A final point would be the customer. Yes, customer service is not easy. Despite being a charity, customers of the ReStore (like in other retail environments) can be difficult and demanding, so one would have to take this into consideration as well.

Full time / part time employment

I did leave because of the placement

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