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Comment décririez-vous le rythme de travail chez Habitat For Humanity?

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Like any other place similar to Habitat, it was very busy at times, but generally, the pace appeared to be fine.

Depends upon the day and the time, and also upon the location of the ReStore. The pace would also be set by the type of job as well. Fridays and Saturdays are typically busy in the retail side of the store. Lunchtime (later mornings and early afternoons) can be hectic as customers will be coming in on their breaks. If there are a lot of items from the company truck, then warehouse work can be busy and crowded. Typical work days are a mix of moderately slow, moderately busy, and outright hectic. Sometimes you will have to juggle multiple responsibilities at once, especially if co-workers want to dump more stress on you. One may have to deal with long customer line-ups, constant phone calls, directing volunteers, assisting other employees, checking drop-off donations, item loading / carry-outs, as well as multiple customer questions and concerns all at once. If you are a 'middle worker' (not manager and not an entry level employee), you will have to do all of this, plus office administration work.

The pace of work at Habitat for Humanity is generally slow, but customer flow is high on weekends.

Sometimes busy and sometimes slow depends on the day

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