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4 ans chez HSBC m'ont permis de développer mes compétences. J'ai désormais besoin de nouveaux challenges et d'évolution.

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Good job if at head office

Good bank and good team. Head office is a better place to be than the branches. Pay is in par with other banks. Bonuses are smaller than I have received elsewhere.

Points positifs

Always something new

Points négatifs

No flexibility
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Great company to start off in

For me, HSBC was great in terms of opportunities for career advancement. I started out as a teller, and was steadily promoted to Premier Relationship Manager over the course of 3 years. Management and leadership do recognize talent, but due to the nature of the profession, it also feels like a rat race where nothing you do is ever enough. HSBC has some truly awful systems and processes. They also truly, truly do throw you in the deep end--no official learning program for new hires, it's just whoever is willing/able to impart their knowledge to you at the branch. Because of this, the people who succeed/stick around have to be able to pick things up quickly which is why I say this is a good place to start our your career--if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere in the Big 5.

Points positifs

Career advancement opportunities, fair pay

Points négatifs

Pressure, unrealistic sales targets
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Good projects, bad management

From the Day I joined I was onboarded 4 projects without any guidance or training or translon from the pervious PM and was expected to be hands on from Day1. There was no room to learn, also the projects allocated were in different time zones which meant working from 6am to 6 pm with break in between. Overall the projects itself were good but really poor Management.
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Stay away from this Company

Very poor Management. They are short staffed and will ask you to work for extended hours that will not be paid. And the process of getting another Part-time job in parallel is miraculously possible. Manager would speak a different language with teammates and you will be under the impression they are talking behind your back. In your first years you will 20 days PTO that will include sick and personal days
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Great place to work

Great collab, work/life balance, competitive pay and most importantly global mobility. The opportunities within the org are endless. In a world of banks, would recommend this org.
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Opportunities to advance. Progressive company

Opportunities for anyone willing to work hard and put in the effort. HSBC is a progressive company that strives to create a welcoming and inclusive work environment.
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How Simple Became Complicated

HSBC - How Simple Became ComplicatedNot many opportunities for career advancement if you're hired as a contractor. Very outdated computer system, you'll spend a lot of time dealing with IT issues. Long hours, don't expect to get compensated if you work over-time. No time for breaks or lunch.For my department, promotion based on who you know. High turn-over especially at the branch level.
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Canadian bank held back by International practice

Overall HSBC is a great place to work. The team you work with is very important and I was in great team.Here are some cons:Upper management can be quite demanding and sets unrealistic goals.HSBC can also really use some investments into their technology. Very outdated core banking systems causing many other peoblems.Low pay compared to competitors
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Salary is not so great

Very stressful working environment. No lunch breaks.Nice Christmas partiesFormal dress codeVery old software.Software needs to be updated.Very slow computers
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Lack of training, overwhelming workload, long hours

No training provided, expected to perform at 100% on day one. Expected to work overtime with no compensation. Toxic management. favoritism through the organization.
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Good environment, good management

Always good chance for advancement, management encourages you strive for excellence. Friendly atmosphere and respectful. Good incentives and several social activities.
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Poor training. Lack of standards for procedures.

Suppose you are a new employee and ask 1 question about how to do something right to 4 different co-workers (including your manager). In that case, you might get four different answers, all of which might be wrong—poor training and it is hard to find information internally.
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Management and work culture

Bad management culture and micro-management within the branch. Always working overtime. Management will not appreciate your work but aim for your mistakes. Stressful company to work with.
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Poor management

Toxic working environment, poor management and low pay. Long working hours in a stressful environment. No trainings provided and expect you to know all the answers.
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Friendly people and good culture

Management pressure on Sales target. Good work life balance. People are very friendly and helpful. Competitive pay and bonus. Benefits are also very competitive

Points positifs

Friendly co workers, competitive pay.

Points négatifs

Sales target pressure.
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Top-Heavy and Reactive

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know in the incestuous upper reaches of management. Result? It’s hard to stay motivated because 1. Work is for the little people and 2. Assuming you want to move up, even if you do, you have to be part of a reactive, political and rather dim-witted culture. And really, is that the best use of your lifespan? Too many self-selecting corporate hacks. Such a shame.

Points positifs

Vacation days, interesting coworkers (of the ones who work)

Points négatifs

Management lacks diversity of thought and ethnicity, too hierarchical, innovation not fostered
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Very poor management, micromanagement, no encourage

micromanagement and ancient style management, the manager will look you are wrong and enlarge the problems. Never hear them praise and encourage you, even your got many customers praise you. Make the staff be discouraged. I agree with another reviewer's comment, here is like as a high school. Moreover, they will request your go to work daily but hire you as part-time staff only. It will be a waste of your time.

Points positifs

Company benefit is good, colleagues nice

Points négatifs

very poor manager and management
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A good place to work

good package and welfare.Location is very important because your happiness depends on your direct manager. Also you need to be very strong at networking with your clients to get more referral business.
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good benefits but terrible culture

management is incompetent and cant take criticism or be held accountable. little training but will berate you for mistakes/inexperience. wage falls behind the yearly increase of provincial min hourly wage but the benefits are solid
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Fast pace work place. Coworkers are fun to work with, but highly dependent on which branch you are working at.

Fast pace work place. Coworkers are fun to work with, but highly dependent on which branch you are working at. Overall not a bad place to start your career.
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