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The tax academy is a cheater
Level one tax academy (Ancien employé) –  Anywhere31 janvier 2019
I attended the tax academy class and finished it with a score of 98. The tuition fee is over 300 plus tax. The passing score is 80. In the interview during the class, they told us even you failed the exam they would trying to offer you a position like front desk. But I didn't get a job at last. Less than 20% of the students who passed the exam actually got the job, not me, even though I think 98 is much better than 80. I was told if I want to work for them, I need to take the tax course again in the next year, and there is no guarantee for a job offer after you pass it. No one will be fooled twice, right?

So it's not surprise for me to find so many complaints of their customers,'s reviews, most reasons are related to errors and mistakes they made on client's tax file. They don't care whether the tax they did is right or wrong, they only care about your money, no matter it is paid to your tax or tax courses.

Don't take their tax courses. It takes you over 300 dollars and over two months study, but they choose people randomly from five minutes interview. Does it really worth for a job only last 3 months a year (Feb to Apr, so called tax season) and almost minimum wage? If you want to be a tax pro, study by yourself or in a college is a better choice.
Points positifs
Make you stronger after you fail?
Points négatifs
Waste of time and money, destroy your confidence
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