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Belle culture d'entreprise, ouverture d'esprit et d'inclusion, super avantages sociaux mais univers très stressant et prenant n'en temps pour la vente de vêtements.Bloc de conger interdit pour les gestionnaires (ex noel)
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Good opportunities to grow

Good place to grow into a management position if you want it.Minimum wage and no benefits offered.Respects balance of school work and hours. Can get really busy during holiday or back to school time
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Fun environment & flexible

one of my favourite jobs. great work environment and culture. respected my school schedule and home life. would recommend to any young teen/adult looking for a first job. Although not much growth
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fun and rewarding work environment

a welcoming company with opportunities to grow internally. the culture rewards hard work. the discount is nice and employees are encouraged to express themselves.

Points positifs

discount, good coworkers and mangement

Points négatifs

hours being cut in jan/feb/march
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great job if your SM isnt toxic

A lot of breakdown and mandate overtime. Coworkers are great, they are always trying to help you.Very fast paced and physically demanding. A typical day at work you know what time do you start but never know what time you will finish.
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Amazing employees awful managers

When I worked here I had never felt so stressed in my life being around the managers I was with. There were nights where I had to work hours of overtime to clean up other peoples departments when they didn’t fulfil their job tasks. The employees in my department were the reason that I had a positive attitude at work but when the day was over I can safely say I was not excited to go see the very harsh managers my next shift.

Points positifs

Great employees

Points négatifs

Managers are absolutely awful
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Very fast paced and physically demanding. A typical day at work you know what time do you start but never know what time you will finish. A lot of breakdown and mandate overtime. Coworkers are great, they are always trying to help you.I would recommend to work there to get some experience and then try to move to a better place.
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Même pour un emploi étudiant, c'est horrible comme emploi!

Points positifs

horaire semi-flexible ; rabais sur les vêtements

Points négatifs

tout le reste
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No work-life balance

Company is an absolute disaster. No work-life balance at all. They are all about “growth” even though no one gets promoted. Externals get paid 10000x more than internals.
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not bad but not the best

pretty mundane, boring and repetitive. the work ethic isnt bad as well, management are there for support and want you to succeed. but you feel like a machine while working. there’s periods of time when you get so many clients a day, you’re drained by the end of your shift.
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Co-workers make it fun, but it is still quite demanding

In this position, you will learn how to maintain a clean store, assist customers in locating items/giving personal opinions on items, get new products onto the floor, and work with a P.O.S. system.Most of the staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and they help make being overscheduled/long shifts a bit more bearable. Aside from the relationships that you can make with your colleagues, the only other good thing is the 25% discount (which still might be pushing it!)The main cons of this job are just a combination of inconsiderate customers, understaffing, and poor management.

Points positifs

staff discount, co-workers

Points négatifs

long hours
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Great co-workers & work environment

I've been with H&M for years because of the amazing team I'm with. It truly feels like I'm just hanging out with my friends at work, and for that, I'm forever grateful. Management is great and consistently rallies alongside you to push you for improvement and development. If you're a part-time sales advisor, be aware that it can be tricky at times to obtain an adequate amount of weekly hours, so supplementing your income with other outside employment is recommended. The customers can make or break your day, with some contributing to a hostile work environment. Expect to work evenings, weekends, and most holidays, including Christmas Eve, as those are the peak selling times. So keep that in mind when making plans with friends & family as you will be doing shift work.

Points positifs

Free Lunches, Birthday off paid

Points négatifs

Can be difficult to obtain the adequate amount of weekly hours, call-in shifts, lower scale of pay compared to other retail establishments
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It was okay, good for students

It is good for students, management was OK sometimes but sometimes they would make things a little bit stressful and you can make a lot of good friends here, better for younger people.Min wage.

Points positifs

Meet a lot of good people, food parties, good work life balance, great for students

Points négatifs

A lot of communication issues with management, minimum wage
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Good first job

Its a great place to work when youre just starting out and there is a lot of room for growth. It just wasnt for me. Personally at the londonderry location, which is where I worked, management was very bad.
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fun workplace

h&m is great for a first job. you learn a lot and the team is great. the job itself is easy but can get stressful during rush hours and especially with rude clients.

Points positifs

15 minute breaks

Points négatifs

long hours
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Bon premier emplois

C’est un bon premier emploi pour les étudiants mais ce n’est pas un entreprise où faire carrière.
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Aucun respect de ses employés

La gestion d’équipe est degeulasse, on engage des nouveaux et on oublie de les former. certains restent des mois et des mois sans formation de caisse. on oublie de leur fournir leurs horaires ainsi que l’accès à l’application. les gerant usent de chantage pour vous soutirer des jour de travail en plus tel que « si tu me donne pas tel jour de libre je vais devoir rompre le contrat ». ils n’ont aucun respect du contrat que vous signez et c’est juridiquement scandaleux. dommage et décevant de la part d’une si grande Brand.
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Good part-time job for students, but non-competitive wages

Flexible scheduling and a great team! Good first job to have as a student, but raises are rare and the salary is not competitive. Management are organization were good.
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Fun and supportive place to work while in school

Great place to start when you don't have many experiences. During my time working there, my managers were supportive and helpful. The store gets very busy at some points, causing longer time for a closing shift.

Points positifs

Employee discount

Points négatifs

Less grow opportunities
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Passionnant mais stressant!

Travail passionnant et stressant pour ma part! Tres bon sur le plan du develloppement personnel et professionnelle. Entreprise stressante et mal structurer. Manque de communication clair et precise entre le siege sociale et les magasins. Respect de la personne integre et travail équipe vraiment present. Salaire non concurrentiel. Valorisation du travail accomplie moderee. Entreprise qui draine beaucoup d'énergie. C'est vraiment challengeant travailler là-bas.
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Fell out of love with the job

I loved the job and the people I worked with. The salary was nice, almost enough to live by (before inflation) and I initially felt proud working there however, after a while, I just felt overworked, constantly stressed, and under-appreciated. There was not much work-life balance and I was severely underpaid for my abilities and skills. The company also preaches staff retention and how it is important but it felt as if it was only towards some specific people and not as a collective. Upper management also showed a lot of favouritism towards certain individuals that the “expectations and values” of the company didn’t apply to them as they are able to make decisions and bend the rules to help themselves.
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